Holding over after the end of AST as move delayed

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9:37 AM, 19th February 2016
About 5 years ago

Holding over after the end of AST as move delayed

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Holding over after the end of AST as move delayed

My AST ends on 28th Feb 2016, I was asked by the EA last month(Jan) to renew the tenancy for another year. As I was in the process of buying a property and the valuation went well and the mortgage offer was also released and I didn’t want to lock-in for 6 months if I renew the tenancy so I told them I may not be able to renew the tenancy and explained my situation. moving

The landlord asked two weeks more after the tenancy end date(28Feb) and we agreed a date(14Mar). But now the seller is delaying the contract exchange and I want two more weeks extension of stay but the landlord have found a new tenant who cannot move their date. I offered Landlord to compensate any costs he incurred or even to new tenants a 2 week rent as compensation.

The previously agreed date is after the AST end date, which means am I entering into periodical tenancy automatically and stay legally until 28th March. Is there any way to get around this.

Please help. We are a family of 3 with our only daughter going to primary school and this gives me more stress when thinking about homelessness.


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