Fancy being part of the Property118 marketing team?

Fancy being part of the Property118 marketing team?

11:27 AM, 12th May 2017, About 7 years ago

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We are offering a money making opportunity for people to help us to promote a proven Property118 product, and without you having to provide any up-front capital whatsoever. This isn’t a “job”, it’s the beginning of a small business opportunity. It’s a project you will be able to do in your own spare time and who knows what it could lead to. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a successful new business for you? 

Sales of our Landlord Tax Planning Presentation have been a phenomenal success but we feel we are still only scratching the surface by promoting it exclusively via Property118.

Only a fraction of all landlords, accountants and letting agents have completely got there heads around the recent changes in tax legislation. The demand for information is high and is likely to grow rapidly over the next few years once the tax changes really begin to bite. Moreover, many landlords and their professional advisers are likely to become increasingly desperate to discover tested and safe restructuring solutions to side-step the increased tax they will be subjected to unless they take positive action.

It has occurred to me that hundreds of thousands of property related books have been sold on Amazon and that all of those buyers are prospects to purchase the presentation we are selling for £20. I have also learned recently that PowerPoint Presentations for Kindle can be sold on Amazon. I suspect there are also similar options for the PDF version of our presentation.

The problem I have is that I simply don’t have the time to investigate and implement a sales and marketing strategy for this project. Accordingly, I am looking for one or more joint venture partners to deal with internet sales and share the proceeds of sale 50/50.

If you are already an online marketing expert that’s great but if not I’d still be happy to hear from you if you’re truly prepared to commit time and effort into research and implementation of marketing campaigns. This is not a “job” so there are no set working hours. All I’m interested in in results, and of course ethics and professionalism.

I suspect there will be many other marketing opportunities to be considered too. For example, could the presentation be sold via eBay and other such portals and might Social Media and Google Adwords marketing work for this?

Just to be clear, I’m looking to outsource the marketing on the basis that, having already completed 18 months of research to produce the product (and proven demand for it), I have already done my share of the work. I’m not looking to put any money into this project whatsoever, but if you think you can make money out of being involved then I’m happy to share the success with you. On the flip-side, I am not asking you to pay me any money for this opportunity either, save for sharing whatever we make from sales.

There are believed to be around two million UK landlords, and in my opinion they should all buy this presentation and so should their professional advisers. If just 1% of them do so that’s a potential income of £400,000 we could be splitting 50/50 with somebody like you.

This project is just the tip of the iceberg of course. If it is successful enough then we will create more products and already have a few which are good to go. I will be happy to discuss additional opportunities with you as and when we begin to build a mutually profitable and trusting business relationship.

Naturally, we would need any arrangements to be completely transparent. I’m happy for you to collect all the money from sales and send us a monthly payment for our 50% share but I would need to be certain that everything is above board. On that basis, I would want us both to have login details of any sales dashboards so that my accountants can perform spot audits.

Does that sound fair to you?

I hope to hear from you soon.

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