EU buy to let regulation – Please Share This Video

EU buy to let regulation – Please Share This Video

13:49 PM, 22nd December 2011, About 10 years ago 11

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Mark Alexander
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13:23 PM, 24th December 2011, About 10 years ago

I have finally received a response to from the govt as to whether they are minded to ensure BTL mortgages may still be obtained on rental income criteria.
No ans on either yes or no but they state

'the govenment remains optimistic that we will be able to exclude buy-to-let lending from the final Directive.  my officials are working with industry and the Financial Services Authority to limit the impact of regulation on the buy-to -let market.
The Govenment recognises the importance of the private rental sector  to accommodate peoples' housing needs.  Buy-to--let properties,  which currently represent one third of the privately rented stock, make an important and valuable contribution'.

This is just part of the letter

Does this mean that 2/3's pf landlords do not have a BTL mortgage;  in which case good for them;  they must be sitting on a vast amount of equity.
But I suppose you have to include the Duke of Westminster who I doubt has any BTL mortgages!!!!!!!?

by Mark Alexander

15:40 PM, 24th December 2011, About 10 years ago

This is amazing news Paul, I have Tweeted a link to this comment. When did you send the letter Paul and when did the response come back? What did the rest of bit say? I have to say, I'm gobsmacked that you got a detailed and committed response as opposed to a generic thank you letter. Hang onto that my friend. Happy Christmas by the way.

by Jonathan Clarke

16:33 PM, 24th December 2011, About 10 years ago

Yes this looks hopeful indeed. Good news   


23:08 PM, 25th December 2011, About 10 years ago

I will scan it if you want along with the emails I sent and you can do with them as you choose ; just give me the details as to which email address I should use to send them to.
The response was not restricted in any way so I presume I may share the content of  all my relevant contacts with Grant Shapps office.


15:58 PM, 5th January 2012, About 10 years ago

Nice one Paul, The EU screwed the Euro, lets hope they don't screw BTL


17:11 PM, 25th January 2012, About 10 years ago

This is Such Good, ney ESXCELLENT News, at last something sensible from the EU. The many E-Petitions on the Govt web site wanting regulation on the evils of Buy3Let will be as happy as larry!! Wow how good is this. Now children will be able to have a home and not be cash cows to be milked.

House prices at 3x salaries for a mortgage. More Supply as b2l panic and sell up. Protection for 1st time buyers, rural communities not being decimated by city B2L owners taking away homes... Me thinks we need a petition to support this now.

But we need far more action on this, More B2L regulation, higher taxes, limitations on owning more than 2 homes. Ban on buying starter homes etc.. 


17:12 PM, 25th January 2012, About 10 years ago

a important contribution to the lack of Supply as B2L take away supply. Is this what you mean?

by Mark Alexander

18:10 PM, 25th January 2012, About 10 years ago

Assuming all your prayers are answered, where will you live and how will you solve the crime problems associated with homelessnes?

by Mark Alexander

19:30 PM, 25th January 2012, About 10 years ago

No, I mean that most benefits claimants and students would have nowhere to live if your prayers were answered as there would be very few landlords. Mass homelessness tends to cause social problems don't you think?

Do you own your own home?


20:10 PM, 25th January 2012, About 10 years ago

Mark have you any goss you could share regarding this silly proposed EU regulation.
Have those big brains come up with any solutions yet.
It all seems to have gone quiet on this.

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