EPC score is a moving target and a joke?

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15:02 PM, 25th February 2021
About 2 months ago

EPC score is a moving target and a joke?

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EPC score is a moving target and a joke?

One of my property EPC scored 76 as C, 5 points away from band B, the EPC report listed the things to do to improve in order to gain certain points towards the EPC score. For example, in my case, a condensing boiler 4 points, LED lighting 1 point, etc.

I redid the EPC assessment after I installed a new condensing boiler and replaced with LED lightings, interestingly, the score remains 76 the same as before, remained at C, not a single point increase.

I understand while my EPC at C isn’t too much to worry about, at least for now, there’d be plenty of properties at critical score and band.

For whoever wants to improve their EPC score, it seems a total joke that the score is a moving target that is almost impossible to shoot.

The error or margin between those “professional” can easily invalid thousands of pounds of genuine improvement. You can get one assessor giving you extra points without doing anything, another giving you nothing for improvements the last assessor asked for.

Does anyone have any advice for landlords to manage such a mess?



Jessie Jones

16:31 PM, 27th February 2021
About 2 months ago

Just a thought, but aren't the EPC assessors allowed to include cavity wall insulation during their assessments? And the only evidence for this is usually the resealed plug holes around the exterior wall. If they can accept this without hard evidence, then why can't they accept photos of interior wall insulation?

Jireh Homes

18:43 PM, 2nd March 2021
About 2 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Jessie Jones at 27/02/2021 - 16:31
Hi Jessie - yes you are correct, existence of drill holes in a pattern is accepted as evidence for cavity wall insulation. Challenge with photos is making a judgement whether they pertain to the property being assessed, so usually best if accompanied by likes of an invoice. So not a clear cut as one might think.


19:54 PM, 2nd March 2021
About 2 months ago

If you really want to see how farcical the situation is have a look at just how easy it is to train as a fully qualified EPC assessor. My Labrador could qualify.


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