Effect of Pension Release on the BTL Market

by Readers Question

15:49 PM, 17th March 2015
About 5 years ago

Effect of Pension Release on the BTL Market

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Effect of Pension Release on the BTL Market

The new rules that come into force regarding the ability to release cash from pension funds will have a huge effect on the BTL market. A rush of first time novice investors wanting buy up anything within budget will push prices up even higher and certain sectors ie flips, will be even harder to come by. It will also affect rents as you could find these decline as competition increases. Effect of Pension Release on the BTL Market

My local auction told me today they have seen a 78% increase in interest over the past 2 months and this was borne out at my latest auction where there were double the number of usual viewers.

My biggest worry is the number of Charlatons who will enter the market and offer services from sourcing properties to finance and the way the emails have already started to come through suggests the sharks are gathering.

Finally in my rant….leave it 18 months and this will be another PPI scandal and within 5 years there will be a flood of properties back on the market from failed landlords with the corresponding price falls.

Tricky times ahead?


Richard Williams


Jonathan Clarke

16:17 PM, 10th April 2015
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Jeremy Edwards" at "10/04/2015 - 12:57":

I agree many will enter BTL and be relatively clueless. But are we not all clueless anyway when we start something. I was clueless when i started to drive, started my first job, started in BTL.

I survived learnt a new skill and became pretty competent I like to think at all 3. Life throws this kind of stuff at us every day. Some will sink some will swim some will just tread water for a while and then make a decision in time that maybe its not for them. I see it as more an opportunity not a threat.

I feel that people should be entitled to be masters of their own destiny.
Pension Freedom Day now allows this

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