Tenants Unpaid Insurance Claim

Tenants Unpaid Insurance Claim

14:11 PM, 17th March 2015, About 8 years ago 1

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Following water damage at my rented property and a subsequent permanent relocation, I have still not been paid for the substantial amount of oil and electricity used to dry the house out. This is covered by the landlord’s insurance but despite several emails to both him and the insurance company I have still not been paid. The insurance company refuses to speak to me as I am not the policy holder, the landlord has not communicated since January and has also told the agent I’m not to speak to the insurance company under any circumstances – which leads to believe he has something to hide. Tenants Unpaid Insurance Claim

Where do I go now? It is so frustrating that no one will talk to me about this.

Below is what I have sent the landlord and the agents today.

Despite everything that has gone on he admitted in writing to the agent that I had been a good tenant, I didn’t miss a single payment in 3 years and put in over £1,200 worth of improvements including carpets throughout and an electric shower.

Why can’t he then finalise this payment and close the situation? What is my next step? Can anyone help?

Thank you


Dear ********,

I am still waiting on payment for use of oil and electricity which was used to dry out the house after the water damage in October 2014 and I am at a loss as to why this is still going on.

Following my email on January 12th in which I gave you the meter readings and the calculation of oil usage you advised (January 21st) via ******** at ******** that:

‘I will update you on the final outstanding claims for the utilities once I have some feedback’.

This was the last time you were in contact in this matter.

Had the oil and electricity not been used it would have taken many more weeks before the property was able to be redecorated and subsequently sold.

There are 3 possible scenarios:

The claim has not been submitted.

The claim has been submitted to ******** Insurance and paid but the money not transferred over to me.

The claim has been submitted and not paid.

If the claim has not been submitted I would like to know why.

If it has been submitted and paid the money needs to be transferred over to my account immediately.

If the claim has not been paid I would like an explanation from ******** as to why. I would also like evidence that the claim has indeed been submitted.

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Joe Bloggs

10:06 AM, 18th March 2015, About 8 years ago

i dont understand why dehumidifiers were not used to dry out the structure. they are more effective and economical than heating. surely once you moved out you were not responsible for electricity and the oil supply will be determined by your TA.

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