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12:55 PM, 4th May 2016, About 6 years ago

Buying Now Costs Less Than Renting in Over Half of UK Cities

My first reaction is a big so what?! It is a statement of the bleeding obvious; sometimes capitalism smooths out the bumps in life and sometimes it doesn't!

As a generalisation, you would expect buying a house on a mortgage to be cheaper, long term, than renting; as a landlord I need a profit to keep going. Conversely market inefficiencies, (like buggering around with tax relief), will distort the market, so that some places will be cheaper to rent than to buy.

Private landlords are more nimble than the statutory bodies, so will usually set up shop where a profit can be made. What central government has failed to address is the lack of rental properties in hotspots and the uneven provision nationwide. Demonising private landlords makes as much sense as banning white cars from the road to reduce congestion.... Read More


14:51 PM, 5th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Buy to Let starting out - Families DSS Student HMO?

If you are not heavily involved in property now I would suggest that you keep clear and stick to conventional investments as you are going to have quite a learning curve.
If you are determined to go down the property route, set up a limited company, make loans to it, buying and administering your property from the limited company. Use the limited company to route as much as you can into a pension scheme in your own name. If you use a SIPP wrapper, you can invest into commercial property with your pension money. Unless all of your property makes a surplus of cash year on year, you will have problems, so manage the cash flow carefully and treat any capital gains as a happy accident.
Central government appears to have declared war on the private landlord, so build a structure that you can sell to someone else as a cash machine.
I have a number of clients who have set themselves up as small scale property developers who are enjoying themselves immensely. Selling houses that are ready to move into is proving rewarding in North Nottinghamshire.... Read More


12:57 PM, 10th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Effect of Pension Release on the BTL Market

This stuff scares me as too many people go into "stuff" as they follow fashion rather than making investments for the right reasons. One thing all of us who have been landlords for some time know is that it is no sinecure; you need to be informed and you need to work at it.

Pension Freedom will lead to a number of people entering the BTL world who are essentially clueless. They will be a danger to themselves and their tenants; supply and demand suggests that the price of suitable BTLs will go up as well. Pension freedom will also bring in the informed, engaged and professional, who will also be hunting for new BTLs!

This website does a great deal to educate the clueless, but not everyone is suited to being a landlord.... Read More


15:11 PM, 1st December 2014, About 7 years ago

Washing machine removed - Crime or Not?

Yes, it is a crime, but no, the police will not follow it up unless it is a "slam dunk!". Report it, insist on a crime number and claim on the insurance if you can. Otherwise move on and treat it as a learning experience.... Read More


15:06 PM, 1st December 2014, About 7 years ago

Is it lawful for agent to retain deposit one day after reserving house?

I suspect that this is one of the times where asking Shelter to act for you may be of benefit. As a general rule, you should always read anything provided as T&Cs or a contract very carefully before you sign up and/or hand over money. At first sight your money is long gone. Pressure from a third party, (like Shelter), may help, or reference to the Unfair Contracts Terms Act via the Duty Officer at the local Trading Standards office.... Read More