Debunking the ‘Abolish Landlords’ Narrative: A Landlord’s Perspective

Debunking the ‘Abolish Landlords’ Narrative: A Landlord’s Perspective

9:14 AM, 18th April 2024, About a month ago 6

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In this video, Ranjan Bhattacharya delves into the controversial topic of abolishing landlords from the perspective of someone who owns rental properties. As discussions around housing inequality and tenant rights continue to evolve, the call to abolish landlords altogether has gained traction.

However, as landlords, we believe there are important nuances and misconceptions that need to be addressed. Join Ranjan as he reacts to and dissects the arguments put forth by Nick Bano, Housing Barrister and stong proponent of the abolishing landlords movement that we quite frankly believe to be nonsense!

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Judith Llewellyn

10:47 AM, 18th April 2024, About a month ago

Just don’t understand where the current tenants go if landlord sells up and property is taken for social housing? He’s talking through something other than his mouth.
The current lack of properties available to let seems to be making tenant more appreciative of a home and rent will be paid on time and more awareness of neighbours . We’ve experienced this personally and it’s good for both landlord and tenants

Michael Booth

14:49 PM, 18th April 2024, About a month ago

Reply to the comment left by Judith Llewellyn at 18/04/2024 - 10:47
Tenants becomes council problem. These people , charities keep.demonising landlords and the prs in general they will have to learn the hard way the only lovers are the tenants.


18:21 PM, 18th April 2024, About a month ago

lol So we would be joining the laws of North Korea and China, .......Fantastic, equal poverty for all😂 viva la revolution. Dont think so. xxx


11:34 AM, 19th April 2024, About a month ago

Spot on Ranjan
What Planet does this guy live on?


9:35 AM, 20th April 2024, About a month ago

I understand the anti-landlord sentiment, but I always use the anology of food and shelter. No-one expects to eat at Tesco or Asda or Waitrose 'for free' or even for subsidised. They appreciate the service. Go to the shop and buy food. But they don't appreciate the service of accomodation providers. Even if every landlord sold up, every person who needed somewhere to live would not have the funds to 'buy a house'. We need accomodation providers! The government aren't doing the job... so free market steps in.

Maybe the years of 'landlords' flossing their shiny cars irritates people as you never see Mr & Mrs Sainsburys being flashy like that... or talking about the value of their stock and how much their shares are worth... having done seemingly very little to deserve the increase. House prices are a national past time discussion and I understand the frustration.

It doesn't seem right when one person is renting for '£1,000'pm, and yet someone else has a mortgage on the same street and is paying '£400'pm. The disparity isn't fair and the wealth gap is only going to grow because over time, renters fall being house owners. Renting can affect your mental health, because you don't know who you may be sharing with next week (in a HMO) or if your landlord wants to throw you out and sell up etc., You're always on eggshells.

At least the food in the shop is the same price and quality for all! That's where the UK housing market is off.

I concluded (many years ago), that in London, you'd be better off being in social housing (paying cheap rent), then in private rental in a high paying job. Far less stress, much cheaper rent. There are people who are in council houses near the city who will let a spare room to a 'student' - who'll paying hundreds of pounds per month for a room (more than cover their actual rent and bills), and they'll take this money and go off on holiday.... its stuff like this which irritates people... and then those same people get a massive discount to buy that council house... why should they? This is the government (ie the peoples asset)! so if you're a private renter, and you're paying silly money and you see all of this stuff going on around you... I understand why you're mad at the world, as you're not benefitting from the situation and it can seem very unfair.

Selling your TIME for money to pay rent, when someone else seemingly sits there and takes that and 'does nothing' can seem wrong. But, we don't know how that person came to own said property. Yes, it could be inheritance... or maybe they worked their arse off, lived in unsavory conditions, did what they had to do, got that deposit together and got on that mythical ladder. Who knows!

Mr Blueberry

4:11 AM, 24th April 2024, About 4 weeks ago

Successive governments sold 2M council homes for an unbelievable £47Bn and never built the 300,000 homes a year they said they would. Instead, they keep on selling more right to buy council homes, permitting 1M migrants into the UK annually, reducing Councils budgets yet expecting them to house people experiencing homelessness. The government then ups the tax on private landlords and smears their reputation with the help of the media and charities. The government play the hapless 'we have no money' card and instead funds wars in Europe to the tune of £10 billion. Meanwhile, the majority of elderly landlords who have a couple of flats each as a pension sell up or go bankrupt with interest rate rises, tax increases and 150 new regulations and put their remaining pittance in pretty much any other investment and thank God they're no longer involved in the worst self-made government cock-up since the Iraq War.

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