Charges from freeholder for sub-letting

Charges from freeholder for sub-letting

13:44 PM, 17th August 2015, About 7 years ago 4

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I rent a flat out through a company called Northwood who give me guaranteed rent. The company that own the freehold charged me for breach of the lease by not telling them I was renting the property out despite the fact that e management company knew. I thought that was the end of it but a year on I have received another accusation of unauthorised subletting and another £157.20 charge.fee

Am I supposed to tell them every time the individual tenant changes? This is so,etching I do not know and as far as I am aware the main tenant is in fact Northwoods, which should be acceptable in terms of the freehold owner.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice? I do not really want to pay this money every time the tenant changes.



by Connie Cheuk

14:46 PM, 17th August 2015, About 7 years ago

This should also be set out in your deeds of purchase - the leasehold terms. Read through your documents on this and perhaps ask your solicitor if it's difficult to interpret.

As a leaseholder, you are very much under the freeholder's terms. I only have one leasehold property - and I'm selling that despite it being in a lovely flat in a lovely vibrant area.

Anyway, start with your legal papers as they should set out your obligations to the freeholder. Technically, you are their tenant and this is regarded as subletting. Hope this helps.

by John Constant

15:20 PM, 17th August 2015, About 7 years ago

On another general point, you might also want to check your mortgage conditions (if you have a mortgage) to ensure that this type of arrangement is ok with them. Many lenders have conditions that a property is let on an AST for a period of between 6 - 12 months. I understand that Northwood operate on a 36 month contract.

by Mark Weedon

15:47 PM, 17th August 2015, About 7 years ago

In any event you shpuld also challenge the fees as unreasonable. I have found if you challenge these things they often go away.


17:12 PM, 29th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I have a block of four flats in East London. As the freeholder I would like to sell off the flats, one in each tax year, for obvious reasons. The problem might be that if the buyer(s) of any of these flats sublets to anti social types, it might make it harder for me to sell the remainder. has anyone else had this dilemma or have any ideas on clauses that I can have put in the leases that hold water, please.

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