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12:15 PM, 6th August 2020
About 6 days ago

Council tax department want copy tenancy agreement?

As responsible LL's it's far better to simply advise them by email of the dates that the new Tenants have moved in and include the top and signed copy. It's called cooperation. I've had a situation with The LB of Waltham Forest where I ignored their requests for documentation, and they simply sent me the full Council Tax bill. So I had to comply in the end.... Read More


10:15 AM, 16th July 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Unfair Property Management Contract?

Yes, defo new agent. But remember if you don't like any clauses, simply strike them out. I do often and I've never hadn't any rejection.
For instance, why sign up for 3 month's when 4 weeks is fine; it gives them more incentive to get the job done.
And definitely don't sign up to them charging you a fee if subsequently you sell to the tenant.
And don't fall for the trap of paying them further commission for a new lease.... Read More


17:14 PM, 15th June 2020
About 2 months ago

Renewal Fee after 3 years?

Reply to the comment left by Possession Friend at 15/06/2020 - 12:28
On both rental and sales, I always carefully read the agents terms and conditions and delete anything that I don't find palatable including additional fees for renewal/continuation of tenancy and especially commission were I to sell to the tenant at some date in the future. Delete it! Get rid of it! They'll never refuse you. If they do, go somewhere else.... Read More


20:12 PM, 27th April 2020
About 4 months ago

Most of my tenants have said they can’t pay rent - I’m stressed?

Reply to the comment left by Buckrogers at 25/03/2020 - 15:37
Yes, I have the same problem. There are some suggestions in the commercial section of Landlordzone.... Read More


11:31 AM, 27th March 2020
About 5 months ago

Which Landlords are classed as self-employed for Coronavirus help?

The question was; Which Landlords are classed as self-employed for Coronavirus help?
Your politically biased comment was no answer to the question.
Let's get positive on this site and add comments that are truly helpful to our fellow Landlords.... Read More