Can tenant claim disrepair when they have got kitchen in this state?

Can tenant claim disrepair when they have got kitchen in this state?

14:21 PM, 6th June 2022, About 2 years ago 11

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An elderly (aged 80), long standing tenant told me on Thursday that she needs work done in her kitchen and I said I would get my builder to see what could be done.

Then I looked in the kitchen – there were dirty dishes stacked around and in the sink. The drawers are totally smashed. I opened the under-sink cupboard – the back is completely broken. And there are loads of mouse droppings. I didn’t look any further. I said this is not acceptable and I am not calling anyone in until and unless she cleans the kitchen. I don’t expect anyone to work in those conditions.

I called in on Friday and said my builder would be up later in the morning (he was in the area) and asked if she had cleaned up.

She hadn’t – and she absolutely lost it with me. Shouting and making all sorts of accusations. Told me what a dreadful landlord I am – said she is going to the Council to get another house.

She has been with me since 1994 (moved into current house in 2017) and I have looked after her in many ways. The kitchen units were not new (installed in 2012) but were in good condition (I have photos). (They were originally flat-pack from Wickes). I have kitchen units (also flat-pack) in my home which are much older and they are still fine.

I deal with issues from all my tenants – including this one – very quickly, but her behaviour this time has really crossed the line.

The kitchen is small, but I can’t do anything about that. She said she wants the worktops shallower, but you can’t get a shallower cooker (one side) or a shallower sink unit (the other side). And why on earth should I keep spending money when she doesn’t look after things? (New bath 2018 – split by 2021. How on earth do you split a bath?) (I have now installed a nice shower at her request.)

I am tempted to issue a S21. Can she claim disrepair?

If she does go to the Council, I’m pretty sure they will do all they can to keep her in that house – I doubt they have anywhere to offer her.

Who deals with disrepair claims?

Is it the Council?


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11:51 AM, 11th June 2022, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Paul Maguire at 07/06/2022 - 14:26
Hi Paul,
You are making a couple of very big assumptions here which are not necessarily correct and hopefully Smithy can clarify.
Where does it say it was a cheap bath, there are some very high quality expensive acrylic baths.
Where does it say units were ripped out from one property and installed in this one, I read it that they were installed 5 years before the tenant moved in but were still in good, serviceable condition.

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