Call for a rent freeze because ‘landlords can afford it’

Call for a rent freeze because ‘landlords can afford it’

11:10 AM, 24th February 2023, About 4 weeks ago 79

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An open letter has been signed by rent activists, trade unions and several Labour Mayors, including Sadiq Khan, calling for the housing minister Michael Gove to implement a private rent freeze and an eviction ban in England to help tenants in the ‘current rental crisis’.

The letter stresses that since landlords earn an average of £55,415 – before rental income – they can afford not to increase rents.

The letter has been organised by the London Renters’ Union (LRU) and highlights that half of private renters in the country are struggling with their housing costs – and ‘huge numbers of renters are facing homelessness in the coming months’. In London, they say that four in five renters are struggling.

The open letter states: “Landlords, with the encouragement of letting agents, are using this crisis as an opportunity to introduce rent hikes. In September 2022 alone, one million renters faced a rent increase.”

‘Landlords will be struggling with increased mortgage costs’

The letter goes on: “Some landlords will be struggling with increased mortgage costs, but many will not.

“Generation Rent research shows that just 11% of rent increases in 2022 were the result of higher mortgage rates. Just under half of rental properties have a mortgage and most of those have ‘interest only’ mortgages.

“The vast majority of landlords have far greater financial resilience to weather the storm ahead, with the median annual income of landlords before their income from rent is taken into account at £55,415. In comparison, many renters are low paid, in precarious work and have no savings or assets.

“Some landlords that are facing increased mortgage costs are trying to pass those costs on to renters that simply cannot afford it.”

Signed by Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London

The letter has also been signed by several charities, think tanks and the Green party along with Liverpool city region mayor Steve Rotheram, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham as well as Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London.

A spokesperson for the LRU said: “Millions are being squeezed by falling wages and rising rents. The government has the power to protect people from unaffordable rent rises, but it is choosing instead to preside over a wild west rental market that is punishing the people who kept the country going through the pandemic.

“A rent freeze now is the only way to address the scale and urgency of the crisis, and would represent a step towards a stronger housing system that meets everyone’s needs.”

Cost of living pressures being faced by tenants

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said the government recognises the cost-of-living pressures being faced by tenants and has delivered £1,200 of direct support to millions of households over the past year, including £400 towards energy costs.

Another £1,350 of support will be going to the most vulnerable households over the next year.

The spokesperson added: “Evidence shows rent controls in the private sector do not work, leading to declining standards and a lack of investment – and may encourage illegal subletting.”

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Accommodation Provider

15:36 PM, 27th February 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Giànluca Portadibasso at 27/02/2023 - 15:22
Yes everyone seems to have forgotten that pandemic government/bbc just costing landlords rent - and no journalists report on things like that, very odd, they get more satisfaction or sympathy for themselves taking the tenant side - and are probably a tenant themselves ...... good point on building costs - they keep going through the roof as well - we need to have them frozen too. let's just freeze everything. and tell the government that freezing us alone is discrimination - that's a magic word that is taken seriously somehow in this weird country


16:56 PM, 27th February 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Giànluca Portadibasso at 27/02/2023 - 15:22
Let's face it the real reason that the government want to freeze rents is nothing to do with protecting tenants. It is becuse if rents rise then the government will have to pay out more to support housing costs for those claiming benefits. I don't see them telling taxi drivers to freeze their charges to drive people around or supermarkets to freeze what they sell their good for or insurance companies to freeze their charges. It is just a con and landlords are easy targets because the government can pretend that they are doing to to help people in need and of course if we complain then we are the bad guys. Another example of the woke UK society.

steven property118

11:43 AM, 28th February 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Just read a piece on how here how its not working in Scotland but yeah bring it in here. Also its to do with so little social housing (sold off under thatcher) with so little building for years. we need properties that are effectively occupied i.e. a single person living in a 3 bed house is not suitable when a family could be housed there.

The whole system is a mess and no one has the b*lls or the intelligence to sort it for all

shaun carter

8:57 AM, 2nd March 2023, About 3 weeks ago

A tenancy is a legal contract. They break ie no rent then out. Like covid goverment hitting land lord with loss. There needs to be fight back ie rake giverment to either court or confront House of Lords or commons. It gone too far, ie interest expense ban, rules and regs. All against private landlord. This is a form of racial discrimination against private land lords; it got to be stopped and reverted.
Tent freeze ??? How about mortgage interest freeze, or fuel/electric freeze


9:23 AM, 2nd March 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by shaun carter at 02/03/2023 - 08:57Indeed, and how about Mayor of London's own budget freeze, we have been told there will be a 7% disgustingly high amount of rise in his budget, Mayor needs to look at his own budget rise and shut the rise up and back off landlords and non-ULEZ car drivers, what a bl$$dy cheek coming from him..

Brian Strickland

9:16 AM, 7th March 2023, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Low profile landlord at 24/02/2023 - 12:38
Metal box is a Reccomended upgrade. Not a requirement that is mandatory.


10:59 AM, 8th March 2023, About 2 weeks ago

Goodness me where do they get their figures from? I am subsidising my rental property. The rent doesn't cover the mortgage, tax and all the repairs. I'm a good landlord that has replaced the boiler and decided its time for a new roof. My tenants get a good quality home whilst my kitchen is over 40 years old and falling apart. If they push poorer landlords too much they will just sell up.

Penny Graepel

20:30 PM, 10th March 2023, About 2 weeks ago

This will absolutely be the last straw for me. Firstly, I will put up the rents on all 3 of my residential lets. I've not done this for at least three years, preferring to keep good tenants, all of whom I have an excellent and respectful relationship with. However, I do not wish to end up not being in control of rent increases. Secondly, as each one becomes vacant, I'll be out of this market. This is despite the fact i don't have any outstanding mortgages on any of them. I am just fed up with being treated as the villan. No other business is meddled with in this way by government.


11:04 AM, 13th March 2023, About A week ago

While Mr Khan wants a 9.7% Increase for his budget, this is a confirmed figure on my newly received Council tax bill, the part that feeds this incompetent Mayor is 9.7% increase, and he has a cheek to tell landlords to freeze rents and provide even higher quality accommodation.

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