Property Magic celebrates 15th Anniversary of publication with complimentary copy

Property Magic celebrates 15th Anniversary of publication with complimentary copy

11:45 AM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago

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One of the best-selling UK property books of all time, is Property Magic by Simon Zutshi, with over 100,000 copies in circulation, which is a lot for a non-fiction book.

Today you can grab your complimentary copy of Property Magic, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary since first publication. Claim your copy here

When Property Magic was first published in February 2008, the property market conditions were very similar to the current conditions in February 2023, where property prices have been booming for a number of years but are starting to fall.

Property Magic is about paying less for your next property (and every property you buy) by finding and helping motivated sellers.

Motivated sellers are people who have a property-related problem and need a fast and reliable solution. For these sellers, achieving the full market price is less important than speed and certainty of the sale, which means they might be flexible on price or terms.

It’s important to understand that this is about ethical property investing, where you look for a win-win solution to help these motivated sellers. If you can give them what they want they are far more likely to give you what you want.

Normally only 5% of property sellers are going to be motivated, but this year there will be far more motivated sellers which is why 2023 could be the buying opportunity of this Decade.

If you have already read Property Magic, or listened to the Audio Version, we highly recommend you read it or listen to it again, because you will notice things you missed the first time.

If you have not read Property Magic yet, seize this opportunity to grab a digital copy TODAY with our compliments, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this best-selling property book.

Enjoy the read, and look forward to opening your mind to all of the possibilities for you in the world of property investing.

Claim your copy here

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