Best taps for mid range Buy To Let property?

Best taps for mid range Buy To Let property?

10:48 AM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago 8

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I need to renew the bathroom and kitchen taps in a mid-price 2-up 2-down BTL house let to a young professional family.taps

Nothing fancy is needed, but I want something that’s going to last and be durable enough for BTL. I’m wary of just sticking cheap B&Q level stock in there. I want to minimise future call outs and have easily replaceable parts, if possible.

Any bullet-proof recommendations, in terms of brand or model?

Many thanks

Bournemouth Runner


Neil Patterson View Profile

10:50 AM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I am no plumber so have no technical knowledge to back this up, but I do think individual hot and cold taps are less trouble where appropriate than mixer taps.

Dylan Morris

11:19 AM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I always source taps from Screwfix. Even their cheaper stuff is very good quality (perfectly OK for a rental property) and plenty of choice.

ben whitley

13:27 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

As dylan said Screwfix you'll get good quality chrome guaranteed taps showers etc but low trade prices. Stay clear of eBay.

Noel Watson

13:32 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I have always used B&Q or Screwfix for most of my plumbing needs and can't think of one occasion when they have let me down. They are, in fact, owned by the same company, namely the Kingfisher Group. Taps and thermostatic shower bars are so cheap that I prefer to just replace the whole thing rather than to change a washer.


16:27 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I generally prefer independent plumbing shops that have been around a good while, and ask for a good quality basic tap, so (almost standard) spares are easily available, general suggestions are Bristan, Grohe, Franke, Pegler,
I have found that the big stores are sometimes unable to help with even the simplest of spares, even on 6 month old taps, which means fitting a whole new tap, so I tend to go for the decent tap body that can take easily available spare parts.
Best of Luck

philip ellis

16:33 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

Absolutely. Some cheap taps, especially mono lock taps, actually have a plastic spout and stem. Screwfix Taos are very good. Even expensive types fail eventually, tho a plumbers merchants sell plastic under sink brackets thru which the thread drops. These will minimise the problems of loose taps etc. Expect three year, pray for five !!!

Silver Flier

16:33 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

With the cost of calling out a plumber to fix a dripping tap being more than the cost of a full set of bath and basin taps, I asked myself the same question three and a half years ago. I have 4 tenants sharing one bathroom, so it gets heavy use. Since I wanted my tenants to be able to use a shower on the bath taps I decided that the important specifications were:
i) screwdown valve - so the washer can be replaced, and to minimise headloss - NOT 1/4 turn ceramic disc
ii) minimum working pressure of 0.1 bar
iii) 5 year warranty.

My research led me to the Bradford Bathroom Company:
and the following (current prices):
Premier Viscount Basin Taps X381 £17.88 inc VAT
Premier Viscount Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Large Handset X383 £54.75 inc VAT
Shipping adds about £5

I think you'll find them very competitive with Screwfix - from a quick look Screwfix's bathroom taps only carry a 2 year warranty.

I should add that there was a problem with the mechanism of the hot mixer tap after about a year, which jammed. I had some terse e-mails with Bradford about it but the manufacturer did send me a new tap mechanism under the warranty. In the subsequent 2 years there have not been any more problems with either the bath or basin taps.

Paul Shears

20:29 PM, 9th September 2016, About 6 years ago

I use Screwfix without any problems.
Just one small, but I hope, useful detail.
The cost of ceramic disc taps can be so low (Screwfix are an example of this) that there is no point in buying a tap these days that uses a tap washer.
1. Believe it or not, changing a ceramic disc is actually easier than changing a tap washer even if you have no idea what you are doing!
2. Ceramic discs last longer than tap washers.
Also, I will point out that the last time I checked, the cheapest ceramic disc mixer and non mixer taps from Screwfix did not actually tell you if they used tap washers or ceramic discs. This is an over sight by Screwfix. which mean that you might buy slightly more expensive taps than I suggest you functionally need.
Replacement ceramic discs are slightly more expensive than a tap washer but they are so cheap that it's irrelevant in the light of avoiding a service call for an extra few years.
Frankly the cheapest ceramic disc Screwfix taps are excellent from a reliability point of view.

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