Being a Landlord can be a lonely business – something bugging you?

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Being a Landlord can be a lonely business - is something bugging you?Being a landlord can sometimes be a lonely business.

The more properties you own, the more problems you encounter. Unless you mix regularly with other landlords it is sometimes difficult to know who to talk to about the challenges you face and what to do for the best isn’t it?

Friends and family can often add perspective to issues and decisions you need to make as a landlord but it’s good to bounce questions and ideas off other landlords occasionally too.

You may have noticed that several of our readers do just that. At Property118 we have created a special section called “Readers Questions“.

What I always find amazing is that there is rarely an issue which other landlords in the Property118 community haven’t encountered and either overcome or learned from. What’s even nicer is that so many people are keen to help. They want to read about other landlords dilemma’s and to chip in with their advice or opinion. I think it also makes our forum more interesting and it is building into a useful wiki for landlords, especially as we search engine optimise every article.

Landlords are still finding articles via Google which we published in 2011 when we launched Property118. By raising a question today, or indeed answering a question left by a fellow landlord, you could be helping other landlords for years to come.

If you would like to submit a Guest article, if you have a question you would like to put to our readers or if you just want a rant please complete the form below – I can’t guarantee to publish every Readers Question but I will do my best.

I will always try to offer an opinion or suggestions but I don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. I learn a lot from the questions raised and comments left by other landlords and their professional advisers too. It’s also interesting to observe human behaviour. Some people make themselves look daft by telling others they are naive or stupid whereas other people clearly demonstrate how helpful total strangers can be.

If possible please make your question/article at least 300 words, i.e. more than half a page and suggest a title. Don’t worry too much about spelling and grammar, we will do our best to tidy it up for you if necessary 😉

I’m happy for your details to be kept anonymous if that’s what you prefer, e.g. first name and no contact details given.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Mark Alexander – founder of

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Cindy Lee

7:35 AM, 1st March 2018, About 6 years ago

We are portfolio landlords managing a portfolio of around 30 properties spreaded all over the country. In the last 10 yrs we’ve been managing the portfolio, I believe we have made numerous mistakes resulting in excess voids, problem tenants, and substantial costs of repairing. We feel now we are in a better position to focus on managing our portfolio more effectively and are seeing better results. Just wondering if anyone can share with us what ratio of gross profits to net profits a well-managed, single-let, agent managed portfolio can réalistically achieve ? Say, if your monthly net income is 10k ( rent minus mortgage payment), what net profits can you expect after all the expenses and provisions etc. ?

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