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If you need to obtain a Buy to Let mortgage quote you will want to know which lenders are in thebuy to let market, how they are pricing their mortgage products and have a variety of choices. Our Buy to Let mortgage quote system is regularly updated and enables you to compare a wide variety of buy to let mortgages and options available to you, i.e. to compare costs, loan structures and to project returns.

Our Buy to Let mortgage calculator provides a detailed analysis of selected mortgage products and lenders criteria, thus helping you to decide which is best for you.

Buy to Let Mortgage Analysis Includes:

  • Named lenders
  • Product fees, interest rates and loan criteria
  • Calculation of yield
  • The ability to see how borrowing more or less across a variety of mortgage products can vary your returns on capital invested
  • Illustrations based on the loan details entered and/or the maximum loan available from a variety of mortgage lenders where criteria is matched
  • Monthly mortgage payments for both interest only and repayment options
  • A forecast of the possible capital growth from your investment, and percentage gain on initial investment

Find Best Buy to Let Mortgage Deals:

  • Highest loan to values (LTV’s)
  • Lowest interest rates
  • Lowest fixed rates
  • Best bank base/LIBOR/ tracker variable rates
  • Lowest interest cover (Stress Testing)

The Buy to Let mortgage quote system is complete free of charge to use and provides all of this information whilst you are online, you don’t have to wait for a call back.

We are also able to arrange for you to get quotes for Commercial Mortgages and for Development Finance. Just click the appropriate words in bold orange text.



David Bender

3 years ago

BTL mortgage calculator doesn't seem to work where income is only from the rental. Does this imply you can only quote for a mortgage where I have separate earned income

Neil Patterson

3 years ago


David what parameters are you putting in as it could be a number of reasons you are not getting results

Many thanks.

David Bender

3 years ago

thanks for your response.

the form does not allow me to go passed the page on which it asked for employed/self-employed income. When I enter 0.00 It tells me that the amount entered does not have enough digits. It therefore doesn't actually get to the point of submitting the request.


Neil Patterson

3 years ago

Many thanks David. It looks like a small bug has crept in.

If you just add your income as 1000 it will have no effect on the results ie they would be the same as if you entered 0, because if a lender does have a minimum income criteria the lowest is £10,000.

I hope that helps :)

Tony Atkins

3 years ago

I got as far as submitting my personal information, but the page with the actual quotation selector failed to load inside the Property118 envelope: I got an Http 500 error "This page cannot be displayed". I am running IE11 on a standard Windows 7 PC.

Neil Patterson

3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Tony Atkins" at "15/10/2014 - 14:44":

Hi Tony,

I would be most grateful if you could try again as I can't seem to replicate your issue even using IE.

Could it be that your security is set to High?

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