Will Nottingham fine landlords for increasing rents to cover licensing?

Will Nottingham fine landlords for increasing rents to cover licensing?

9:08 AM, 18th December 2019, About 2 years ago 13

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I read an article about the council checking that the renting cost/ prices are kept down. Nottingham City Council will apparently fine any landlord that increases the rent cost because of licensing. The reason for this pressure on landlords from the Council is that the licensing is covering a 5 years period.

Nottingham City Council are forgetting a big issue – landlords do not have not 5 years to pay the licencing fees. Nottingham City Council demand the payment from landlords upfront and that is all.

It would be easy if landlords are giving the opportunity to pay for the licensing in yearly quotes, also, it does not take into account if a property is empty or how long it is empty for.

On top of the licensing cost and payment demands from the Council, there is the price increasing on the licencing. It is clear that all the charges are going to be paid for by the tenant one way or another. The Council is ensuring more and more people will be in hardship thanks to their policies.

Nottingham Council cannot expect landlords to keep rents the same.

Also, the Council is forgetting the prices of traders for fixing or keeping the property in rentable condition are expensive. Lucky if you have someone to help you with DIY or major works charging you a rate that match inflation levels.



by Mick Roberts

9:55 AM, 21st December 2019, About 2 years ago

I have more news for u people.
The Councillor Linda Woodings:
Councillor who responsible for Licensing fee increase
She's said previously rents shun't have to go up for Licensing.
Well, this week on Twitter, she in my opinion fell into a trap. My next Twitter rant with her will include the below:
Councillor Linda Woodings Dec 19 on Twitter public wall liked Licensing saying rents would only have to go up by £3pw-Which is £13pm.
And she liked a Letting Agent saying only £39pm to manage Landlords houses struggling with Licensing.
So that's £52pm she's agreeing with. £52pm minimum tenants have to pay extra since Licensing. And she agrees with this.
And I have the screenshots of her liking it & re-tweeting it.
Nottingham Council Selective Licensing Tax is like no other tax in the world. In that the money they get in from tenants is used to find and then fine Landlords who haven't paid the tax. Yet the people paying the tax get nothing in return. It's supposed to make their houses better, but.
1. What if their house was already good?
2. They haven't been inspected by the Council to check.
We have got the message out to most tenants now:
I've never known a Council organisation that is hated so much by the very people it was set up to protect cause it's gave them all rent increases and homelessness. Help the Landlord help the tenant. Hurt the Landlord, u hurt the tenant
Nottingham is a Labour Council & the Nottingham tenants are blaming the rising homeless on the Tory Govt. I have highlighted this to Communities & Govt bafoons, here is their reply:
Local authorities are not permitted to profit from selective licensing fees. Fees should
be reviewed annually and may be adjusted if necessary. The rate at which fees are
set will be based on a number of factors such as the set up costs of the scheme, the
cost of assessing applications and issuing licences, and the cost of inspecting
properties where necessary. We would expect the details of these fees, and how
they have been arrived at, to be transparent and readily available.
I would encourage you to speak directly with Nottingham City Council regarding this

by Mick Roberts

10:15 AM, 21st December 2019, About 2 years ago

I'm just going through me emails & received this if anyone interested. It's an update from Nottm Council Licensing.
I still can't see what the good tenants with good houses are getting from their rent increases:


by philip allen

17:15 PM, 22nd December 2019, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 18/12/2019 - 10:48
They're not!

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