What are financial experts predicting for landlords and buy-to-lets in 2023?

What are financial experts predicting for landlords and buy-to-lets in 2023?

8:50 AM, 9th February 2023, About A year ago

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The Financial Reporter asked a number of mortgage experts what they expect in the buy-to-let sector in 2023. It’s no surprise they unanimously predict financial difficulties ahead for most landlords as increased costs cause incomes to shrink but some also believe there will be an opportunity for cash-rich landlords to snap up bargain property later in the year.

For many landlords their review means the race is now on to sell their buy-to-let properties before they lose equity as well as income but selling buy-to-let property is notoriously slow and difficult through standard estate agencies…

Selling buy-to-let property with vacant possession through standard estate agencies – especially for landlords with multiple tenants (HMOs) or tenants who don’t want to leave – usually involves long periods of delay waiting for tenancies to end or eviction processes to complete and long periods of property being empty while a sale is agreed and conveyancing is completed.

While some will attempt to sell property with tenants in situ, most high street style estate agents will not get involved in collecting tenancy information investors need before investing in an occupied property. Nor will they manage the process of arranging vacant possession for unreliable tenants. The result is a long and expensive conveyancing process with higher legal fees (more involvement from solicitors) and more risk of collapse (if tenant history hasn’t already been approved before a sale is agreed and in a market of falling prices).

So, where can landlords turn when they want a fast buy-to-let sale?

The Landlord Sales Agency specialise in helping landlords to BUY or SELL buy-to-let property. We  differ to other estate agents because we:

  • Collect tenancy information for landlords to consider YIELD when making an offer
  • Ensure all required certificates are legislation is current and in place
  • Manage the process to provide vacant possession if necessary
  • Send alerts to thousands of investors looking for buy-to-let properties and portfolios
  • Sell single properties and property portfolios
  • Secure offers early in the process to avoid gazumping and wasted costs

We have developed coordinated work practices with independent services providers in financial, construction and legal industries so landlords can incorporate additional expertise into the process and  benefit from:

  • The best rates for buy-to-let mortgages (often not found on the high street)
  • Proper planning and tax-efficient company structuring to minimise annual tax bills and Capital Gains tax rate from 28% to 18% when selling property
  • Reduced legal costs and faster completions
  • Structural/building problems solved

If you are happy to sell your property for 85% of the current market value to secure an easier, faster sale before prices drop, contact us today to find out what makes us portfolio exit specialists.

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