Unprotected deposit claim – 6 year rule?

Unprotected deposit claim – 6 year rule?

12:28 PM, 14th November 2022, About 3 weeks ago 12

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Hello, The 6 year rule? From the date of contract on an ex-tenant who is claiming compensation of £4-12k on 7.5 years on a tenancy that has now ended. They left on their own accord.

What should a landlord do after receiving a letter from the ex-tenant’s solicitor with threats?

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23:21 PM, 18th November 2022, About 3 weeks ago

A landlord that fails to protect their tenant's deposit could be fined up to three times the deposit amount and may not be able to issue a correct Section 21 notice, if you've failed to provide your tenant with a copy of the deposit protection certificate on each ast agreement renewal.

In short, the LL doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Alisha Butler

8:51 AM, 22nd November 2022, About 2 weeks ago

It’s always best to get Legal advice from actual legal professionals.

I have done hundreds of these claims against landlords and defended many for landlords.

When a landlord doesn’t take proper advice or they get a “gung-ho” aggressive company (I won’t name & shame buts it’s often the same one) to defend them it can end up costing double or more in costs simply because they employed a cowboy to argue about everything.

The cowboy doesn’t care about the costs as they get paid by the landlord, and want the flex their non-legal muscles, the NWNF lawyers are earning more because the landlord’s cowboy isn’t properly trained and thinks the way to negotiate is to be argumentative.

Good lawyers know to just settle as that is what the courts want and teach us to do, everyday.

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