unhealthy and unsafe building – can I move out?

unhealthy and unsafe building – can I move out?

10:33 AM, 1st September 2015, About 8 years ago 4

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I moved in a flat a month ago and these are the issues I have:garbage

1. the close of the building and generally the whole building is very dirty. People have been leaving their garbage bags inside the close and the smell is coming into my flat and there are insects and flies that probably carry germs. This is me walking through this garbage hall everyday carrying my food. I have raised that to the agency, they removed the bags, but the floor is still very dirty. People in the building keep leaving there garbage in the close. What should I do

2. The main door lock is broken and there was a homeless man sleeping literally outside my door. I again raised that to the agency, the changed the lock but that is broken again. The mattress that the homeless man was sleeping on was still there, I removed it and he brought it back. I asked them to remove it, but eventually I did it myself. Please note that this man was using the stairs as a toilet which again I raised to the agency and asked them to clean the building and decontaminate it. But nothing happened. Any advice?

Is this situation enough to raise issues with my tenancy and ask to move out?



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13:07 PM, 1st September 2015, About 8 years ago

Have you spoken to Environmental Health at the local council? I had them after me for far smaller issues than that a few years ago.

George Ha

13:27 PM, 1st September 2015, About 8 years ago

Thank you Jerry. I've sent them an email today. Still waiting for their response. Hopefully they'll be able to help me and clean the building or at least give me some advice and a solution to be able to break my tenancy agreement and find somewhere else to stay

Sharon Betton

10:32 AM, 2nd September 2015, About 8 years ago

I agree, Environmental Services/Housing and Public Health are the right people to contact. However, this should have been dealt with by the landlord or agent; there are likely to be re-percussions on them, that you have had to contact the local authority.

There must be a way of securing the door correctly and I am wondering whether someone else in the building is colluding with the rough sleeper? Hopefully, the authority will remove the mattress so your building will not be as welcoming. If he still gets in, should the Police not be alerted? Surely trespass is still a criminal offence?

Teg's Dad

10:31 AM, 8th September 2015, About 8 years ago

You do not make it clear if the agent manages just your flat or all the flats. If the former then they are unlikely to be able to assist with problems in the communal areas since they are not under the agents' control or jurisdiction.

I had a similar problem a year or so ago but was able to approach the block management company who resolved the issues.

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