The Ultimate Solution For Preventing Overflows

by Steve Dalloway

8:50 AM, 16th October 2012
About 9 years ago

The Ultimate Solution For Preventing Overflows

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The Ultimate Solution For Preventing Overflows

This article which looks at “The Ultimate Solution For Preventing Overflows” is the sixth and final part of a series of articles by bathroom water damage prevention specialist Steve Dalloway.

Some years ago we spotted a company pitching to The Dragons Den a device they called a Novaflow.

This unit shut off the water supply to the bath when the water level reached the overflow and it works a treat. We have sold many of these over the years, they are excellent and they do 100% guarantee no overflows.
In my book, fitting something like this is a bit like fitting a house alarm, you only do it when you have been burgled, or in this case had a bad overflow. At a cost of around £120 a unit, they are expensive, but compared to the cost of a flat that has a bathroom overflow and the person below gets a ceiling collapse on them when they are on the loo, its not a bad investment.

So there we have it, this is the end of this series of articles (for now at least). I hope you have found them useful and that you feel you’ve read some useful tips to keep your bathroom nice and mould free  – they really do work.

If anyone has questions, I’d be happy to answer them or offer advice on best practice.

All the best

Steve Dalloway – Byretech Ltd

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