The Recession Proof Strategy

The Recession Proof Strategy

13:58 PM, 24th October 2022, About 2 years ago

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With inflation at over 10%, soaring energy costs and rising interest rates, we are likely to go further into recession and money will become tight for many people. It is very important to recognise that the property investing strategies you have previously used may not be the most appropriate strategies in the changing market conditions.

One of the best strategies to use right now is Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) as people will often downsize their living arrangements when costs rise, so they will always be in demand, even during tough times.

For this reason, Simon Zutshi is running an emergency LIVE training call, where he will deep dive into this recession-proof strategy and how you can replace your income with just 3 of these properties.

Most people invest in single-let properties, which unfortunately don’t make much money, especially in the current climate. However, smart investors make at least £1000 profit per month from each property using HMOs.

Whilst HMOs are a more advanced strategy, they are actually quite straightforward once you know how to do them properly.

During the training, Simon will also be giving away his HMO Success Blueprint. This is the exact step-by-step process that many of the investors on his 12-Month Property Mastermind have used to replace their income in just 12 months.

Remember that with massive uncertainty also comes huge opportunity. If you are not investing in HMOs yet, OR if you do have HMOs but are not making at least £1000 per month profit from each, then you need to watch this live training so you can adapt to the current market conditions.

Click here now to register for this LIVE online training.

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