Thank heavens for landlords

Thank heavens for landlords

8:56 AM, 17th August 2020, About 3 years ago 52

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This is one of the best pieces I have seen valuing the work of us as private landlords. If only we could get this message across to combat all the anti-landlord rhetoric that is so polluting discussions about the private rented sector and leading to the onslaught of destructive policies which are ruining things for tenants just as much as they are damaging landlords’ businesses.

A landlord writes:

After seeing a “Shelter” sponsored post on my timeline today, I scrolled through some of the nasty comments. Many people think landlords are parasites, trapping people, overcharging rent, forcing people to rent all their lives, preventing people from saving up for a deposit for a house, etc., I posted this comment to try to balance out things:

What about an alternative view?

You haven’t got the money saved up for a 10% or 15% deposit on a house, but you want to move out of your parents home now, so what do you do? If only there were some people who were willing to let me move into a house for only a £700 deposit and another £700 rent.

That way, I can have my own house and have only put down £1400. I can move in within a week or so of viewing it, rather than wait 3 to 4 months to buy. Brilliant. What’s more, if I decide I don’t like the area, neighbours, road noise, or change jobs and I need to move 20 miles away, or I need an extra bedroom, want a bigger garden, etc., I can move out with only a months notice. I don’t have to put my house on the market and wait 4 to 6 months to sell it, or much longer in a poor economy.

What a great system that would be… It’s so flexible, so easy and I am protected by law and have so many rights bestowed upon me too.

Furthermore, if there is a leak, a boiler breakdown, a non-working toilet, the cooker breaks or any other maintenance issue, somebody else pays for it, so I am assured that for the next year or so, my housing budget of £700 a month is never exceeded by a pesky roof leak or boiler breakdown.

Wait… What?!? A system like that already exists? Amazing.

So, you’re telling me that there are other people out there who have had the discipline to save up their wages and earnings and used their perfect credit score for the benefit of others? These people have bought a house, refurbished it, made it habitable, made sure it complies with all the housing regulations, gas safety regs, electrical safety regs, EPC regs and around 130 other regs (which I wouldn’t enjoy if I bought a house)?

So they take a massive risk and let me just put down £1400 to move in, within a week or so of viewing it, instead of putting down £20,000 and waiting 3 to 4 months?!? Who are these mystical people? Is there a name for them?

What was that you said… a “Landlord”.

Wow. We should be so grateful that these “landlord” people are willing to help me out in my hour of need, as I can’t save up £20,000, can’t wait for 3 to 4 months and I want to move now.

Thank heavens for landlords who saved up their money and decided not to leave it in a savings account or ISA or pension, but took a massive risk, invested their money, paid for the house to be done up, helping other people like this…. It’s amazing…

These people must be so loved and valued by society and the Government.

What? They’re called greedy parasites and attacked by ‘charities’ and Government? When they’re sorting out what would otherwise be a huge problem for people?

Is the world crazy?

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11:01 AM, 23rd August 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Dancinglandlord at 23/08/2020 - 08:56
perfectly put but unfortunately only landlords understand this. No financial support from the government during the crisis, now extending the eviction period which is likely to continue indefinitely due to pressure from the communists in the labour party, Shelter , mayor of London etc etc and definitely no support from the media. Not only does the left expect landlords to offer free housing so does the Tory party, even promoting the idea that arrears should not have to be paid back.

The Forever Tenant

21:42 PM, 23rd August 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Dancinglandlord at 23/08/2020 - 08:56
Thank you for you comment, as the person above me has said, very well put.

I find that I am in what appears to be an ever decreasing pool of tenants that actually knows what landlords have to go through and all the many many rules, regulations and fees that you have to deal with day to day. I know it is hard work and often a thankless task. I could even say worse than thankless considering the vitriol that is pointed at you.

I suspect that one reason for these feelings by tenants are the considerable number of adverts out there from the property "gurus" that espouse that property is a way of making money easily. That you can earn while sleeping. Give up your day job, work from the beach, etc. Oftentimes the only exposure tenants have to the landlord lifestyle are these adverts which are only designed to reel in suckers. I really feel they have not helped the cause one little bit.

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