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The Forever Tenant

10:25 AM, 27th November 2019
About A week ago

Labour Manifesto - Attack on the PRS

You would never get that fine, never on a first offence, probably not even after several offences.

Our legal system is one where the maximum punishment is rarely handed down. Only in extreme cases would it even come close. There are guidelines about what the fine should be and those are the actual ones used.... Read More

The Forever Tenant

12:25 PM, 26th November 2019
About A week ago

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

That poll will have been done a couple of days ago, before today's letter.

That's probably the bump from the Question Time debate a few days before.

If there is any bump from this, it will be seen in polls at the end of the week.... Read More

The Forever Tenant

10:56 AM, 21st November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

RLA approve of Tory Life Time Deposits plan

How would this work if deductions are to be made from the deposit? Something that is often not known until the tenant has moved into their new property.... Read More

The Forever Tenant

16:46 PM, 15th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Can I contract that any new tenant provides their own reference?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 15/11/2019 - 16:18
If I may ask, what is it you are looking for, both positively and negatively on a prospective tenant's bank statement.

My concern would be that you may judge someone if you see something that is harmless, but goes against your own personal feelings.

Would you think worse of someone if they were a Labour party member? Shopped at B&Q? Is there a limit in your mind as to how much someone is allowed to play the lottery each month?

These things in themselves are harmless, but you may be putting unintentional bias into your decisions by looking into someone too much.

There is also the consideration that you may not see someone's bank account which has the dodgy items on it. I myself have two bank accounts. A joint account with my wife and my own personal account. our salaries go into the joint account which is then used to pay all household bills and then amounts are moved into our personal accounts for personal spending. You wouldn't see anything on that other account and thus potentially miss out on concerning spending.... Read More

The Forever Tenant

16:13 PM, 15th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Can I contract that any new tenant provides their own reference?

This actually makes me wonder.

Could you ask "Are you signed up to a credit reporting agency" and if they say yes, could you then ask for a copy? You would not be asking them to enter into a contract, as they are already in one.

As for the information you request, I am comfortable with providing references from employers and previous landlords. My credit report is getting a bit more invasive and I would prefer that you see that I have a clean record without defaults without seeing precisely who I have debts with.

Any landlord that would ask to see my bank statements is going way too far into intrusiveness in my mind.... Read More