Tenant damage caused in arguments?

Tenant damage caused in arguments?

8:59 AM, 24th June 2020, About 4 years ago 1

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I had a call from the neighbour of one of my tenants. Apparently the police had been called for the second time in three months at 4.00am for anti social behaviour, shouting, banging doors etc. I Email the tenant to arrange an inspection and also to meet them (they had moved in just before lockdown)

The response was, yes come and do the inspection, but there are a few problem I need to report. A door handle had snapped off and he had to force the door damaging the frame and light switch also the bathroom door lock jammed and he had to force that door also and other smaller issues.

I believe that the damage was caused by him and his partner during the arguments the previous night, one of them was obviously trying to keep the other out of a room by holding the handle, plus why would you lock the bathroom door if you were partners.

My question is this. Should I tell him that I know the police were called and that I think he caused the damage and expect him to pay for the repairs, or should I carry out repairs and charge him at the end of the tenancy which is due for renewal at the end of September?

I will serve him a section 21 before that time.


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9:37 AM, 24th June 2020, About 4 years ago

Take someone with you and have a " conversation" with this tenant. Go to do the inspection. Listen quietly to his story of the broken door handle. Nod in all the right places with general smatterings of " I see" " Oh dear" etc. Then look him squarely in the eye and say ( name) " I know". To which he will say "What- know what?"

"About the police. And the argument. And the breach of your tenancy agreement in relation to damage and anti- social behaviour which must cease forthwith"

Dont argue with them, just state your case. Walk away and confirm it in a letter. Remember that evictions are taking about 6 months now. If you issue a notice then he may decide not to pay any rent until he goes. Keep it low key if you can until the courts catch up. And use one of the specialist eviction agencies like Landlord Action.

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