Tenant charged with Arson?

by Readers Question

11:28 AM, 14th April 2021
About 4 weeks ago

Tenant charged with Arson?

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Tenant charged with Arson?

Well over the years I’ve come across a lot of things while managing properties, but this is in a different league, and one I have no experience in, so any advice greatly appreciated.

We let a property to a sole tenant last year, all checks done, guarantor in place, first few months rent was a late, but then he caught up, the last property inspection we did the house was fine.

Then we had a call to say the police had been called, windows smashed, then attempted robbery, then the BIG shock, just before Christmas, the fire brigade had attended and the house has had a fire and has been completely gutted.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this was all done by the tenant (god knows why), he’s been charged and remanded, and he’s pleaded guilty.

Is there ANYONE out there that’s come across this?

I can’t contact the tenant to end his tenancy, do I still have to go down the court route? I have spoken to NRLA and they have said it would be a section 8 on various grounds, but that still means court fees that we will have to pay, under the circumstances it seems mad? … any advice would be appreciated.



David Price

13:22 PM, 30th April 2021
About A week ago

There is another aaspect to this. As long as the tenancy continues it is the tenant who is responsible for the council tax - and don't think the uninhabitable condition will stop the council trying it on by making you pay the council tax. Try to end the tenancy only when the property has been completly refurbished.

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