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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting a Tenant with a Beautiful Lawn Guest Columns, Lettings & Management, Property Maintenance

As the sun begins to show its face, we’re all taking our first tentative steps around the garden and the majority of us will all be thinking the same thing; what a mess! If it makes you feel any better, you should know that we’re all in the same boat and, even though it will take some hard work and dedication, you can get your garden looking fresh and healthy in no time!

This helpful little article is going to focus on getting your lawns looking green, fresh and healthy, perfect for attracting a prospective tenant. A gorgeous lawn will not only complement the rest of the garden, but it will also provide them with a practical living space to enjoy the summer with their friends and family. It might just make the difference for that tenant too. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Attracting a Tenant with a Beautiful Lawn

MP sees red over forcing green repairs on landlords Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Development, Property Maintenance

Landlords may have to clear minor repairs with council building inspectors who could force them to carry out extra energy efficiency improvements under controversial proposals drafted by the government.

Under the plan, maintenance like changing a boiler or fitting a new front door will trigger a visit from the council – and demands for other green building works like laying loft insulation or draught-proofing. Continue reading MP sees red over forcing green repairs on landlords

Bedbugs, an HMO landlords story Guest Columns

AAaargggh, the very word ‘bedbug’ still sends a chill right through me and here is why…

We had an HMO property where we provided the furniture. A new tenant moved in to one of the rooms and within 24 hours complained she had been bitten and that she thought it was bedbugs. I contacted our local council who were happy to do an inspection, however they were unable to get in the tenants room and she wouldn’t let them for a further month. By this stage two other tenants were complaining of being bitten. Continue reading Bedbugs, an HMO landlords story

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