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The Mortgage Works backs down on benefit tenants ruling Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Major buy to let lender shuns benefits tenantsThe Mortgage Works backs down as the balance of risk has shifted again and The Mortgage Works (TMW) are now committed, once more, to supporting property investors who accept tenants in receipt of housing benefit.

Some may say that TMW (owned by Nationwide, which is owned by its members) has a duty to protect the interests of its members and therefore if Landlords are defaulting on their mortgage payments when they have tenants on benefits then the Nationwide will potentially lose money – and of course this shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

However, after recently announcing that they are changing their criteria to stop buy to let investors letting their properties to tenants in receipt of benefits, there was an immediate and angry outcry from the Private Rental Sector. TMW has listened to their borrowers and have done a complete U-Turn on this criteria issue.

Richard Napier, the group’s mortgage director, has now said that the group had changed its mind, following concerns raised by customers. “The clarification of the terms and conditions, which took place last December, brought The Mortgage Works into line with several other Buy-to-Let lenders,” he said. “This will now be removed.”

Great news – and a huge sigh of relief- for Landlords across the UK who have TMW mortgages and tenants on benefit.

There has been plenty said about the rights, wrongs, risks and morality on this subject, but one underlying issue is that the TMW mortgage holder also has a responsibility to their own business model to make sure that such ‘business interruption’ does not mean profit interruption. Loss of rent, evicting tenants, sourcing and signing up new tenants – all cost money (profit).

Change in the market with products, tenants, lenders and even the economic climate, is always going to happen.

The old worrying adage of ‘all your eggs in one basket’, comes to mind in this issue with many borrowers now realising that the way forward is by spreading their mortgages across a range of lenders which in turn spreads their business risk, and consequently reduces and minimises the risk of loss should any one lender pull the plug or change criteria mid-term. We won’t get started again on the Bank Of Ireland fiasco in this article

So now we’re left with the welcome announcement that TMW have withdrawn the threat of heavy and onerous stipulations re tenants on housing benefit (great news) and, secondly that this has given many people the wake up call to look at their BTL mortgage portfolio with a eye to reduced-risk and exposure to one lender.

If you are concerned please feel free to download our Property Portfolio Review spread sheet and we have arranged for our recommended financial advisers to offer you a free one to one review of your financial position at the same time.

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Mortgage Facilities for Professional Property Investors Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Mortgage News, Property Investment News, Property News

Mortgage Facilities for Professional Property Investors

What do you give to professional property investors who are maxed out with their current lenders, with over £1m of buy to let mortgages outstanding, a mixed portfolio of houses, flats and new build properties, and who wants to raise capital to secure new opportunities with the option to either sell again quickly or refinance again (if necessary) with no early redemption penalties?…….. Continue reading Mortgage Facilities for Professional Property Investors

Latest Newsletter dated 22nd February 2013 Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

NEWS from Paragon Mortgages for Professional LandlordsThis week 29 pages have been added to Property118.

(Links to the relevant pages are in blue and underlined).

5 Readers Questions Articles and Discussions

  • I think my tenants removal company knocked my garden wall down
  • Legal advice required on Scottish HMO issue
  • Shared ownership – can this be done on leasehold flat?
  • Should I sell tenanted or serve notice and sell with vacant possession?
  • Parting company with my letting agent

3 New Auction Catalogues for you to download

  • Network Auctions 6th March 2013 – Glaziers Hall, London SE1 9DD Commencing: 1pm
  • Pearsons Property Auction 5th March 2013 – 11am Hambledon Suite, The Solent Hotel, Fareham, PO15 7AJ
  • Salter McGuiness Property Auction 5th March 2013 – 1.30pm Quality Hotel, Empire Way, Wembley, HA9 0NH

11 New Articles containing News and Reviews:

To keep you up to date and help you to save money, minimise risks and maximise returns

Some good News for Landlords in Scotland at last

I keep in touch with what’s going on in the lives of my fellow landlords North of the border via my friends at the Scottish Association of Landlords…

Kent Reliance release new buy to let range for portfolio landlords

Buy-to-let products with no restriction on the size of the landlord’s portfolio. They are available for loans of up to £1m at 85% LTV, and at 75% TV for loans over £1m.

Property Portfolio Review Spreadsheet – FREE Download

This property portfolio review spreadsheet calculates your rental yields net of voids, the interest rate which will make your portfolio cash neutral and the true costs of rental void periods

Suffolk Holiday Homes on sale at bargain prices

You could own one of these 3 bed, brick built, double glazed Suffolk Holiday Homes for personal use or as an investment for just £55,995. That’s not the deposit, it’s the cash price!

A Landlords Mid Life Crisis

OMG, what have I done to this poor landlord! I wrote an article a while back called 10 things landlords must do before it is too late.

Tenants in Scotland missing vital deposit protection information

Tenants in Scotland could be missing vital information which can affect the return of their deposits at the end of the tenancy.

LANDLORDS – don’t let tenants steal your property

Is it even possible that tenants could steal a property you might ask! As part of its campaign to stamp out property fraud, the Land Registry has just set up a dedicated phone line.

Oxford – Not Hot But Always Warm!

I am often asked why Oxford represents such an attractive option for buy to let property investors.

Wealth Tax proposed by Lib Dems could affect Landlords

One of the best forum posts I’ve ever seen on the topic of economics and  the proposed new Wealth Tax.

Sprightly start to 2013 but ‘old hands’ support the market

Rightmove have just released their February 2013 House Price Index which shows a “Sprightly start to 2013”

Residential Property Inventory Services In A Nutshell

What is an Inventory? To sum it up in simple terms, an inventory is a detailed list using specific phrases to describe the features, items and condition of a property.

Good Landlords Campaign Click Here to see Sponsors

We would like to welcome the following new sponsors of the Good Landlords Campaign

  • Peter Harris of Bristol

  • Anthony Altman of Platinum Property Sheffield
  • Brian Turner of SCPR Sheffield
  • Dave Gardner of Top Management Wellingborough

  • Matthew Farrow of Phoenix Independent Advisers Cromer

  • Richard Baker – Northampton and Rugby
  • Oliver Cornes of Juicy Property London

  • Bill Cooper of WDC Rentals Ewloe

  • Glyn Jones of GPJ Ltd Stockton on Tees

  • Ramesh Pindoria of Regal Estates Willesden

Don’t miss this opportunity …….

Don’t miss this opportunity …….

The closing date to become a founder member of The GOOD Landlords Campaign is fast approaching. It doesn’t matter whether you have one property or you are a full time landlord, we welcome anybody who believes in sharing best practice in the UK Private Rented Sector. That includes letting agents and other associated property professionals…

Kelvin Kingsley The Property Maverick of Norwich GOOD Landlords Campaign Sponsors

The GOOD Landlords CampaignKelvin Kingsley The Property Maverick of Norwich

I am a Landlord and better known as The Property Maverick.

Formerly of the Electronics Industry I built up a substantial UK  Buy-to-Let portfolio; as well as previously living and property developing overseas in South Africa.

As The Maverick I concentrate on teaching and passing property investment knowledge onto others while continuing to source UK New Build Discount Property and build my UK property portfolio, because now is the best time to buy in my opinion!

Under The Property Maverick name I also write property investment articles for Property118.com and teach other property investors to be more successful with less risk.

My current ambition in progress is to write a market leading property investment book telling other investors not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear and how they need to hear it in order to achieve greater success with less risk.

“The Property Maverick believes in seeking and giving incredible value”
Continue reading Kelvin Kingsley The Property Maverick of Norwich

Smart investors go to Oxford Buy to Let Property Hotspots, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Guest article from one of Oxford’s leading letting agents

Oxford Property InvestmentI am often asked why Oxford represents such an attractive option for buy to let property investors. 

The answer is, like much treasure, not blatantly obvious, but if you are prepared to dig a little, the clarity of the jewels you may find are particularly alluring.

The city has been home to a transient population since the Middle Ages.  The intellectual elite continue to arrive here in droves from all over the world; a stint at Oxford, either for study, research or employment adds value to any CV.  During the early years, Oxford was a walled city, nothing much has changed, the new wall is the ring road, and represents an immovable barrier to the physical growth of housing provision, which places extra-ordinary strain on the supply and demand dynamic, resulting in a permanent state of insufficient supply. Continue reading Smart investors go to Oxford

HMO Investment Dilemma – READERS QUESTION Cautionary Tales, HMO's & Student Lets, Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

HMO Investment Dilemma - READERS QUESTION

Leamington Spa based landlord Steve Gibson has asked us to post the following HMO Investment Dilemma.

“I live in Leamington Spa which is a popular location to rent for students of University of Warwick. As a pension investment my wife and I have recently started looking at purchasing a house to let to students. On investigating further it appears Warwick District Council has removed change of use from Dwelling House (C3) to House of Multiple Occupation (C4) from permitted development as of April 2012. As a consequence planning permission is now required. Continue reading HMO Investment Dilemma – READERS QUESTION

Rental Gazumping in London Guest Articles, Guest Columns, Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Letting, Lettings & Management, Property Investment News, Property Investment Strategies, Property Market News, Property News

Rental Gazumping in LondonThat ‘G’ word is back in town! Yes, boys and girls, Rental Gazumping in London is here and knocking on the front door of every potential tenant!

The former and current scourge of the property sales has transgressed over to the private lettings sector and is showing no sign of leaving.

Such is the massive demand for residential accommodation, private tenants have resorted to the tactic of increasing their offer above their fellow property pursuers. Continue reading Rental Gazumping in London

20 Hot Tips for Property Investors Advice, Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Investment News, Property Investment Strategies, Property Market News, Property News, The GOOD Landlords Campaign

20 Hot Tips for Property InvestorsI’ve put together a secret page called “20 Hot Tips for Buy to Let Property Investors”.

This page contains links to my favourite articles and blog series’ I have added to Property118 over the last two years. In these articles I share ideas on how property investors can save money, minimise risks and maximise returns. Continue reading 20 Hot Tips for Property Investors

Seller numbers jump by 22% and Rightmove traffic swells by 27% Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Rightmove have released their House Price index for January which reveals some very interesting trends summarised below. A copy of the full report can be downloaded by completing the form at the foot of this article. Continue reading Seller numbers jump by 22% and Rightmove traffic swells by 27%

Post credit crunch property investor story Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Property Development, Property Investment Strategies, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Readers Questions

Lucasz is a post credit crunch property investor. In other words, 100% of his property success has been achieved since 2009, arguably the most difficult property trading period in two decades!

Mark Alexander’s story has inspired thousands but there have always been the doubters who have said that he was lucky and and that his successes were all as a result of fortunate timing of the property market. They have used this as a reason to justify doing nothing. Lucasz’ story blows this misconception out of the window! Lucasz wrote to Mark to ask for advice and Mark was delighted when Lucasz agreed to his suggestion of providing free online mentoring as it gives them both an opportunity to inspire thousands of others as well as the obvious benefits to Lucasz. Continue reading Post credit crunch property investor story

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