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Hello, So it has come to pass!  I have finally decided we must collectively and actively respond to the bludgeoning government policy against landlords where it hurts most – their voter base.

I will be starting a Change.org campaign which, if it reaches 10,000 signatures, will be debated in Parliament. This should be easy to reach as there over 400,000 PRS landlords who have not been represented well by many of our landlord associations.

We must speak up for ourselves!

It is because the pendulum of voices are weighted high for tenants that landlords voices are drowned out.

So, by having a call to arms, so to speak, and getting all landlords to spread the word about the petition – to repeal section 24 immediately – we can begin to reclaim our purpose back to provide a housing sector fit for both tenants and housing providers, as opposed to the insanity prevailing with a tenant’s blindsided view of the real world.

Keep an eye out for further details.


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