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Buy to Let Clubs Blamed for Ripping Off Landlords Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Market News

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"Buy to let clubs are nindering not helping"

Buy to let property clubs that rip off landlords are blamed for rising rental home repossessions.

The clubs ran relentless marketing campaigns during the peak of the housing bubble aimed at persuading property investors to part with their cash on homes advertising rent returns and valuations that were close to fraudulent.

Since the credit crunch, many landlords who bought in to these clubs are finding rental yields were inflated and that the income is short of covering the mortgage and running costs. Continue reading Buy to Let Clubs Blamed for Ripping Off Landlords

Landlords Warned Over ID Theft as Tenant steals £10,000 Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Investment News

money down the drain

"Landlords warned to ensure they've diverted mail"

Landlords who let homes they have previously lived in are urged to tidy up their finances and redirect mail before they leave to prevent identity theft.

The warning came from a judge after a tenant faced a court charged with fraud and theft after a landlord stumbled across a demand from a credit card company for more than £10,000 for borrowing he had not requested.

The card was sent to the address, followed by a PIN card, as the credit card lender believed the landlord still lived there. Continue reading Landlords Warned Over ID Theft as Tenant steals £10,000

Serviced Apartments- the Way Forward? Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Property Investment News

"Serviced Apartments a good alternative to hotels?"

Not much is said about the Serviced Apartment rental market. At about the same cost per person as staying in a good quality hotel, this area is a good viable option for both landlords and larger companies who are constantly sourcing hotel accommodation for consultants or staff.  An average consultant’s stay can be  a week away from home or several weeks, while they will be entertained by co-workers in the evening most of the time, early starts can put some hotels or bed and breakfasts out.  And when you are doing that much travelling, isn’t it preferable to allow staff to stay in good, self contained accommodation? A much needed home from home?

There are  of course also relocation families. They may require 2 or 3 months in an area before they find the long term property that will suit them. Often they will have their own belongings in transit and will need a fully furnished home when they arrive. This can apply to recent transfers in the football market too!

The standard of furnishing does need to be higher. A complete kitchen inventory, some bric-a-brac and towels/ bedding will all be necessary. The same touches you would find in a hotel- for example take-away menus, a map of the local area, emergency telephone numbers. Free wifi, satellite or cable tv and a complimentary starter pack* should also be included.

(* tea, coffee, sugar, UHT milk, toilet roll,biscuits, washing up liquid)

But with so few units of a good standard offering this service it may well be something to become involved in.

Why landlords need an inventory and how to do it Guest Articles, Guest Columns

Prior to the introduction of the TDPS in 2007 a landlord could choose not to prepare an inventory for his property (and most did choose not to) or, alternatively, the inventory prepared was extremely basic. However, if a landlord now wishes to protect his property, he absolutely must ensure that a complete and thorough inventory is prepared and that the tenant has signed the inventory to confirm they have accepted it.

Landlord/tenant disputes at the end of a tenancy are becoming increasingly common as tenants are recognising that the pendulum has swung firmly in their favour. 92% of disputed cases are in fact being found in favour of the tenant.

So how does a landlord prepare a proper inventory? Continue reading Why landlords need an inventory and how to do it

The Accidental Landlord – Disability, are there any benefits? Guest Articles, Latest Articles

Bill Main-IanLet me answer this question directly, no. I am sure that many disabled and people suffering from a debilitating illness would trade every possession they had for wholeness and good health. I am no different.

However, we play the hand we are given and one tries to make the best of it. So, there are some financial benefits to ease disabled life that people should be aware of and they should take action as soon as they can. For those that invest in property, disability has some advantages. One only has to think how one’s business is affected, be it adaptations of homes you own or manage to employing the disabled. Continue reading The Accidental Landlord – Disability, are there any benefits?

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