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Tenant EvictionTenant Eviction is a process which several landlords under-estimate.

Some people will tell you that evicting tenants is simple, “oh just issue a section 21 notice or a section 8 notice” are words often spoken at landlords gatherings and on our internet forums.

Well, perhaps it is easy when you know how, and especially when you have the model tenant. However, I have been a landlord since 1989 and I know that tenants don’t always leave when you would like them to!

If you serve notice and your tenants don’t leave that’s when the problems really start.

Even after all these years the jargon still bamboozles me from time to time.

I still have to check which type of section 21 notice to serve depending on whether the tenancy is within the fixed term or has gone statutory periodic. I then need to check what the correct date of service is and make certain that I’ve served deposit protection certificates and prescribed information properly and that’s a minefield if ever there was one. Don’t even get me started on the varying grounds for service of section 8 notices! And all of that is before you can even apply for a possession order in Court!!!

Bamboozled already?

Well it’s hardly surprising that so many tenancy evictions fail at Court. I could write war and peace here on all of the areas where things go wrong but I will leave that to the regulars on our property form.

The reality of the situation is that if you want to recover possession of your property quickly you are probably going to need some professional help.

Landlord Associations are very well meaning and there are thousands of companies advertising on the internet who will be pleased to help you complete the required forms for a small fee. The bottom line though is that it will still be YOU serving the papers and the well meaning souls advising you might not have thought to ask you every question to identify the areas which might catch you out.

There is only one company I know of which has successfully evicted over 20,000 tenants. They operate a fixed fee service and they handle the entire process. They even have in house solicitors to check every detail and process all of the Court papers for you. They have been in business since 1999 and over 210,000 calls have been received on their free landlords helpline.

Chances are, you will have great tenants and will never need to evict them. They will respect your property, pay the rent and respect their neighbours. However, very occasionally, things go wrong, no matter how diligent you have been in terms of referencing.  Bad tenants often ignore or dispute whatever type of eviction notices you use. You might even be in that position now?

Evicting TenantsSome tenants need a little more persuasion to leave!

It’s not just bad tenants who need to be evicted in a timely manner either. You may want to sell your property or move back into it. The last thing you want is to lose a sale or be homeless yourself because your tenants refuse to move out when you want them to, and believe me, it does happen, and when it does some tenants will use every trick in the book to retain possession.

I learned all about tenant eviction the hard way, it took me 18 months of grief and no rent to get rid of my tenant from hell.

I wish I had known Landlord Action back then as their fixed fee service would have saved me thousands!

For an introduction and opportunity for a free confidential initial chat with one of their tenant eviction specialists please complete the short form below.

Contact Landlord Action

Specialists in tenant eviction and debt collection. Regulated by The Law Society.


Mark Garner of Garner Homes Maidstone GOOD Landlords Campaign Sponsors

The GOOD Landlords CampaignMark Garner of Garner Homes Maidstone

I have been a full time landlord since 1996 with property in Maidstone, Ashford and Gravesend, the ‘Gateway to Europe’.

After graduating from Cranfield University 1987 I was a commodity trader working for a subsidiary of Cargill until I left to become a landlord and property developer. I now have a full range of properties ranging from student rooms, 1,2,3 bedroom properties to 4 bed detached houses. I also have commercial properties and some land.

I am passionate about the Private Rented Sector and helping landlords and their tenants.

Previously I have been a director of 2 of the largest landlord associations in the UK then focused on my own portfolio when one took the other over.

Judging by the current behaviour of the Bank of Ireland I feel landlords and tenants will be under pressure for a few years to come. That is why it is so important to work with companies like Property 118 and Landlord Action who ‘promote and protect the interests of landlords’.

Continue reading Mark Garner of Garner Homes Maidstone

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Class Action Litigation BOI and Bristol and West Mortgages Increase DifferentialAs you have probably heard, Bank of Ireland (BOI) and Bristol and West have advised borrowers who took tracker rate mortgages with them prior to 31st October 2004 that they are increasing their margin to 4.49% over bank base rate.

Many landlords are concerned that if Bank of Ireland are allowed to get away with these changes other mortgage lenders will follow their lead. Continue reading Class Action Litigation BOI + Bristol and West Mortgages

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According to Francis Dolley who regularly leaves comments on this forum, “Rent 2 Rent” is being widely debated on various Facebook property groups as the latest strategy for landlords to expand their portfolio’s with minimal capital .Francis emailed me over the weekend asking me which “Rent 2 Rent” agreements I thought he should be using. I do have some views, however, this isn’t a strategy I’ve ever used which I explained to Francis.

We have since exchanged a number of emails which I have curated to provide an overview of the “Rent to Rent” strategy to debate amongst the Property118 community who may wish to share their opinions on the strategy generally and also on which agreements to use.

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Be Wary and Be Vigilant Cautionary Tales, Landlord Action, Latest Articles

Over the course of the last 3 years at Landlord Action I have been contacted by many disgruntled investors trying to claim back sourcing fees or deposit monies paid to rogue property investment and sourcing companies.

Awareness of this has needed to take on paramount importance since we hit recession in late 2008. Lending stopped and sourcing companies were not able to complete on property deals offered to clients because of lending criteria, and the companies kept the money to use as cash flow to continue to run their businesses. Continue reading Be Wary and Be Vigilant

Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action Latest Articles

Mark Alexander, founder of Property118.com

Mark Alexander founder of Property118.com

Yesterday (Friday 2nd September 2011) I attended a buy to let investors workshop at the Holiday Inn Kensington, London which was organised by Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action.

I had been invited as a special guest of Paul Shamplina, the founder of Landlord Action to review the event and provide constructive feedback. Landlord Action is a legal practice specialising in tenant evictions and litigation on behalf of landlords.  Continue reading Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action

Bad tenants leave landlord owing £9000 Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

Man on seesaw with house

Landlord faces repossession after tenants fail to pay

Tenants at a London apartment have sent their landlord spiralling into difficulty after repeatedly failing to pay their rent.

Naomi Koningen is something of an accidental landlord after failing to sell her house in 18 months, forcing her to let out her 2 bedroom, ground floor Streatham flat. In such a desperate time, she said she was ‘naïve’ in taking on tenants who failed their credit check. Continue reading Bad tenants leave landlord owing £9000

3 Dangerous Types of Tenant – Part 2: Illegal Subletting Guest Articles, Latest Articles

Photo Paul Shamplina

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action

Over the last couple of years, the problem of unauthorised subletting has been growing. From last year alone, our instructions relating to unauthorised subletting have increased by around 15%.

An unauthorised sublet is when a tenant re-lets a property to another tenant without the prior permission of the landlord. It can affect all types of landlords. However, overseas landlords and HMO landlords are particularly vulnerable. Continue reading 3 Dangerous Types of Tenant – Part 2: Illegal Subletting

3 Dangerous Types of Tenant Part 1: Professional Bad Tenants Guest Articles, Landlord Action, Latest Articles

Paul Shamplina of Landlord ActionBy @PaulShamplina, founder of @LandlordAction

From acting on nearly 20,000 problem tenant cases since 1999, we have seen some horrific things in our time. Over the next three blogs, I am going to be talking about some dangerous types of tenants that landlords should try to avoid at all costs.

The first type of tenant to look out for is what we like to call a “Professional Bad Tenant”. A professional bad tenant will go from one property to another without any intention of paying the rent. Continue reading 3 Dangerous Types of Tenant Part 1: Professional Bad Tenants

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