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Mentoring courses and property networking – have I been a Plonker Rodney?

Property Networking and Mentoring Courses

What a plonka!

Are landlord mentoring courses value for money and are many of the property networking meetings we get invited to simply a sales pitch?

When I started investing in property, back in the late 1990’s, there was no such thing as buying below market value (BMV) because the housing market was absolutely booming. Even if you were prepared to pay the FULL asking price for a property – the investor was at risk of being gazumped by a more enthusiastic investor or a first time buyer (anyone remember them?) who would pay OVER the asking price to secure their dream investment/home. Continue reading Mentoring courses and property networking

My first intentional property investment part 3 Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Property Investment Strategies, Property News

Just two years after buying my first intentional property investment I owned 9 more. Buying that first one was like finding a magic lantern for my buy to let mortgage business. The Genie that popped out to grant me my wish gave me the confidence I needed to share with other prospective landlords how I got into the business and how I had overcome my nagging doubts. I was still relatively wet behind the ears but I knew more than most, especially the newbies who were starting to get interested in this new “buy to let” phenomenon. You see, when I purchased my little flat nobody had heard of the phrase “buy to let” as it hadn’t been invented. When ARLA created that phrase in late 1996 the media really grasped onto it and buy to let was in pretty much every newspaper every day. Continue reading My first intentional property investment part 3

Part two of the story of my first intentional property investment Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Having agreed to buy my first intentional property investment I soon realised that it’s a bit like a visit to the loo, paperwork is important!

I’d purchased my first home a few years before but to be honest I’d forgotten about all the paperwork I’d done at that time. All of a sudden it all came flooding back to me. I wonder if women go through something similar when they give birth to their second child? Never say never again!!! Continue reading Part two of the story of my first intentional property investment

Open Letter to Tony Robbins – My Million Dollar Challenge @TonyRobbins Latest Articles

For my regular readers who may not know who Tony Robbins is, please see his website http://www.tonyrobbins.com/

Dear Tony

You are a legend, you have touched and positively affected hundreds of thousands, if not millions of peoples lives BUT ………

Why is it that your website isn’t even ranked in the top 10,000 worldwide or the top 4,000 in the USA? Continue reading Open Letter to Tony Robbins – My Million Dollar Challenge @TonyRobbins

Introducing the “Property Maverick” Guest Articles, Guest Columns

Welcome to the “Property Maverick” Blog; a fortnightly blog about the life and times of a property entrepreneur.

Am I successful? Well success means different things to different people, so I’ll tell you a bit about myself. Not as a trumpet blowing exercise, but for you to decide whether to read my articles. Despite leaving high school more years ago that I care to remember, without any O level’s. I currently own over 80 properties averaging at less than 70% loan to value, as well as having completed several overseas property developments. Continue reading Introducing the “Property Maverick”

Is Rent to Buy Just Another Dodgy Lease Option Scheme? Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Investment News, Property Investment Strategies

Glen Ackroyd photoI listened to a programme on Radio 5 Live a few days ago that investigated how “Property Investor and Guru” Phil Martin had left a couple close to bankruptcy after agreeing a lease option on their property.

In a nutshell he agreed to take an option to buy the property at a future date and pay their mortgage until he bought it. Not only did he fail to make the mortgage payments but he rented the property to a tenant who didn’t pay the rent and can only be evicted through the usual slow legal process!

People sometimes ask me if our Rent to Buy scheme is a “lease option deal” under a different name. Continue reading Is Rent to Buy Just Another Dodgy Lease Option Scheme?

Keep it Simple – Take Your First Steps in Property by Recycling Your Deposit Latest Articles

At Your Property Network we are often approached by first time property investors who are confused about the best way to set about building a small to medium sized property portfolio. Many have a reasonable amount of capital behind them and can see the very real attractions of long-term investment for capital growth and pension replacement, or a mixed strategy for cash flow in the short to medium term.

Starting out, these potential investors have done whatever any sensible individual would do and have sought to educate themselves about all the available investment strategies. Spending a considerable sum on expensive property courses, and we’re talking thousands, can work out for the driven, financially creative, risk happy punter. However many a first time investor would like to take cautious first steps into what is, without question, the daunting world of property investment. Bombarded with talk of lease options, aggressively marketing for BMV property or hunting down those elusive “motivated sellers” many landlords forget how theoretically straightforward buy-to-let portfolio building can be.

Simply recycle your deposit

This simple, inarguably effective, time proven strategy has been employed by tens of thousands of investors to build cash flow positive portfolios with a view to long-term capital growth and positive short-term cash flow with modest initial capital investment.

At a recent networking event I was having a discussion with a first time attendee who was expressing his frustration at being unsure which guru’s model to follow or which complicated strategy to employ.

Even before I could answer myself one of the most experienced investors in the room lent over and said, “Just recycle your deposit!”

A deceptively simple process, buying, refurbishing, letting and refinancing after six months should be the bread and butter for every serious buy to let investor. Its sounds so simple, but as a strategy it is often ignored, or even worse implemented badly.

The moment you find a potential deal, a clear, defined and tested process should kick in.

  1. Research the area – LHA rates, local employment statistics and recent sold prices should be as high on your list of required information as purchase price
  2. Do your sums – With a target yield in mind work out what you are prepared to pay to get the required return, baring in mind that you need to allow for refurbishment. Check with a surveyor for a post work valuation estimate. If the property doesn’t stack up don’t waste time on trying to work round it, move on to the next deal.
  3. Don’t skimp on the refurb – better finish, better tenants, but make sure every pound you spend translates to built in equity. Aim for 20% built in.
  4. Let – are you prepared to manage your property yourself to maximise your return? Or put it in the hands of professionals for less hassle?
  5. Re-mortgage after six months, leave as little of your own money in the property as possible, get your deposit back and repeat!

Recycling your deposit is a simple process that is so often over looked in the world of property which has become increasingly filled with smoke and mirrors.

Simple does not, however, equate to easy, but implemented effectively, traditional buy to let methods can still realise a more than respectable return from a portfolio built over time with relatively modest initial capital.

At Your Property Network magazine we pride ourselves on sharing the experience of other investors devoid of the myth and mystery of the property game. We run the numbers on real investments to show how successful landlords are creating substantial cash flow positive portfolios to secure their long-term financial future.

Find out more about Your Property Network or Subscribe now.

Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action Latest Articles

Mark Alexander, founder of Property118.com

Mark Alexander founder of Property118.com

Yesterday (Friday 2nd September 2011) I attended a buy to let investors workshop at the Holiday Inn Kensington, London which was organised by Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action.

I had been invited as a special guest of Paul Shamplina, the founder of Landlord Action to review the event and provide constructive feedback. Landlord Action is a legal practice specialising in tenant evictions and litigation on behalf of landlords.  Continue reading Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action

Has the credit crunch been good or bad for buy to let landlords? Latest Articles, Question of the Week

Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander - founder of Property118.com

One of my favourite sayings is that optimists see the glass as half full and look for the opportunity in every difficulty, pessimists see the glass as half empty and look for the difficulty in every opportunity and entrepreneurs are opportunists who take positive action regardless of market conditions, taste the contents of the glass and quench their thirst by drinking the contents if it tastes OK.  The fourth group are of course the economists.  They analyse the problem for a couple of years before reaching their conclusion that the glass was too big.

The landlords I speak to fall into three distinct camps;

  1. those who are sitting on large chunks of cash and carefully snapping up bargains,
  2. those who are stuck in a rut because they can’t afford to sell, they can’t refinance and they are worried sick about interest rate rises and
  3. those who are oblivious to what might happen as we pull out of recession or are simply burying their head in the sand. Continue reading Has the credit crunch been good or bad for buy to let landlords?

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