Due Diligence – By Mark Alexander

Due Diligence – By Mark Alexander

21:17 PM, 27th February 2011, About 13 years ago

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I am constantly amazed when I hear that people spend a fortune on property education courses or invest their pension pots into unbuilt apart-hotels in far flung places and then end up losing a fortune.  Don’t they Google these things or ask people without a vested interest for advice?

Now I’m not saying they are all bad news but so many of them are.

Why would a property guru who can make £30,000 a deal give up their weekends to create an alternative model selling education?  Why wouldn’t they just do a few more deals?  There are plenty people around who are happy to share their knowledge for free, I know because I’m one of them.  I share my strategy here for free, it’s a constantly developing eBook.  If there’s something I need to know, I search Property Tribes and if I can’t find the answer there I post my question and get a variety of answers and opinions. Simples!  I often visit networking events but sadly most are simply upsells to buy into something else, either a property education and mentoring course or “the best property deal ever”.  If it is the best property deal ever, why would they be selling it on?  If it’s too big for them to finance, why aren’t they selling it onto a bank, a pension fund, a large scale developer, a venture capitalist or the like?  Why would they want 100’s of individual owners?  Could it be because the major players have done their due diligence and are not interested?

This amusing clip from the American version of the office says it all, ENJOY.

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