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Black mould – cleaning issues? Cleaning, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Hello, Once again there has been a case of black mould on the national news. This time a child died because of it.

The local authority is the landlord and everyone is out for blood.

Surely there is no need for any of this. Instead of the landlord being somehow responsible, all that needs to happen is for the tenants to be taught how to properly use one of the many cleaning products.

What do you think?

Why do these cases keep turning up on the news?

Thank you,


Bedbugs, an HMO landlords story Guest Columns

AAaargggh, the very word ‘bedbug’ still sends a chill right through me and here is why…

We had an HMO property where we provided the furniture. A new tenant moved in to one of the rooms and within 24 hours complained she had been bitten and that she thought it was bedbugs. I contacted our local council who were happy to do an inspection, however they were unable to get in the tenants room and she wouldn’t let them for a further month. By this stage two other tenants were complaining of being bitten. Continue reading Bedbugs, an HMO landlords story

Cleaning Tips for Students Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Guest Articles, Guest Columns, HMO's & Student Lets

Tips for keeping the house looking its best

Here are some quick and simple tips to help keep the house and furniture looking its best, follow these to help save money from your damage and cleaning deposit.

It is worth spending a bit now to save a lot later! Continue reading Cleaning Tips for Students

Cleaning Costs are Adding Up Cautionary Tales, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Landlords are seeing a rising amount of deposit disputes over the cleaning of properties according to The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks.

They say 40% of all tenancy deposit disputes involve some sort of cleaning cost. They also claim tenants don’t see cleaning costs as anything more than “fair wear and tear”, hence the disputes. Continue reading Cleaning Costs are Adding Up

Frivolous it might be but I don’t fall out with my tenants because….. Guest Columns, HMO's & Student Lets, Property Investment Strategies

There have been some really interesting comments on the EU Trying To Kill Buy To Let – sign the petition to STOP it now. blog and it is great to see some new people contributing to this important discussion but I am feeling a bit frivolous at the moment and I thought that I would post on a lighter subject.

According to MyDeposits one of the main reasons that landlords stop money from a tenants deposit is to cover the cost of cleaning. This is interesting because I would have thought that damages might have come above cleaning. Mary Latham Continue reading Frivolous it might be but I don’t fall out with my tenants because…..

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