Solar panels on rented houses

by Readers Question

9:29 AM, 4th October 2014
About 6 years ago

Solar panels on rented houses

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Solar panels on rented houses

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or advice on the advantages or disadvantages of installing solar panels onto the houses we rent out.Solar panels on rented houses

We have a small portfolio of seven properties and are wondering whether it would be worthwhile investing in solar. I’m not sure how it works in terms of the electricity supply to the property. For example, does the tenant get the benefits of free electricity or can it be worked so that we just benefit from the feed in tariff?

Any thoughts or advice on this subject would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Ashley Fett

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Mark Alexander

9:31 AM, 4th October 2014
About 6 years ago

Hi Ashley

This subject was debated here last year - in summary the conclusion was that it's not a good idea.

Full details here >>>

Nat Patel

18:12 PM, 5th October 2014
About 6 years ago

Good idea.I have called surveyor and estimated £4500 for 10/12 panels.After considering cost I decided not to go ahead .
Watch out New 2 in 1 echo boiler will on marker early next year that produce electricity when used for hot water and heating and cost only 25% more then quality boilers.And Maid in UK.With no finance involved .
I will post more detail soon as available.

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