Seeking Help in ‘De-bunking’ MHCLG’s report

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9:01 AM, 8th December 2018
About 5 days ago

Seeking Help in ‘De-bunking’ MHCLG’s report

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Seeking Help in ‘De-bunking’ MHCLG’s report

I am preparing a summary of the 68 page report ‘ A qualitative research investigation of the factors influencing the progress, timescales and outcomes of Housing cases in County courts. ‘ published November 2018.

Access will be provided to readers of this forum and to MHCLG ! However, to counter some of the myths in the report, I’m seeking responses to the following questions ;

1.  How long has it taken to get a Possession Order following submission of an N5b ( where there has NOT been a hearing – and what court – month / year)

2.  How long has it taken to get a County court Hearing following submission of an N5b

3.  How long after application, ( N325 ) has it taken for County Court Bailiffs to attend (what year  & court)

4.  Were you refused permission to use High Court Enforcement Officers for the eviction (year & court)

Answers in short format please  e.g   (  1.   11 weeks, Bedford, Oct / 17    )

Thanks for your help,



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