Repair or improvement?

by Readers Question

10:37 AM, 4th July 2018
About 2 years ago

Repair or improvement?

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Repair or improvement?

Hello, any help would be appreciated indeed!

I am going to tribunal vs landlord.

If there is NO existing damp proofing course on the building would having one done be considered an improvement or a repair to the property?

Many thanks


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Hamish McBloggs

11:37 AM, 6th July 2018
About 2 years ago

Ok, from the website

Definition of surveyor in the case of coating your walls : Someone with a tape measure who sounds knowledgeable, has zero qualifications other than how to maximise personal dividend payments, thinks you've got some savings, knows how to shut and open companies quickly and has a reasonable grasp of pressure sales. Potentially a properly qualified surveyor who wants some money and really should be struck off.

The videos were quite old, (I saw a Ford Sierra which is now a classic apparently).

I would like to think that RICS and the raw aspiring input to the holder of 'Chartered Surveyor' status it better than this and the the fella in the video was stuck in his ways or on another agenda. It screams lack of CPD (continued Professional Development) and 'comfortable job thanks'. One might be degree-d and Chartered but the world's understanding moves relentlessly forward.

What to properly qualified Chartered Surveyors currently believe? Any here?

Magnets all round.


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