Rent after death

Rent after death

8:07 AM, 21st May 2014, About 8 years ago 11

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My late Uncle died in December 2013. He lived in rented property which I believe is owned and managed by the same company. His rent was completely up to date; in fact he had paid more as it was in advance. He had lived in the property for the whole of his 76 years with his mother and father living there before he was born. He has always paid his rent on time. Rent after death

The Letting Agent was notified by the police, the coroners office, the neighbour and me that their tenant had died. I also emptied the house and returned the key to the address I had; their head office in London.

I never heard a thing until March when they sent an invoice for unpaid rent in my name (which I had never given them and to my personal address, which I had never given them). I responded explaining that they had been notified of their tenant’s death and I sent a further death certificate.

They acknowledged receipt of the death certificate.

I received a further invoice for unpaid rent. I wrote again to explain the situation and they said there was still a liability as the key was not returned to the local office. They said that once they had received the key there would be no liability for rent.

I informed them that a key had been sent to the London office, but as it happened I had found a spare and sent that recorded delivery at the beginning of April explaining that as I had already notified them that the property was vacant and returned the key there was no liability for rent.

Today I received an invoice for unpaid rent for £1,499!

I have obviously written again recorded delivery, but in the meantime what re-dress do I have? This is amounting to harassment.




by Puzzler

13:20 PM, 7th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Lynette Morris" at "21/05/2014 - 19:02":

Just found this thread and your comment is gratuitous. What right have you to comment on other people's language ability? It may be that this person is not a native English speaker or have dyslexia. And I have seen a lot worse. It would be better to restrict your comments to the issue not its expression.

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