Prospective Tenants not happy for visit – Should this ring alarm bells?

Prospective Tenants not happy for visit – Should this ring alarm bells?

10:33 AM, 24th July 2014, About 10 years ago 32

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We have a nice big modern rental property and from taking on board a thread on here I asked my agent to ask my new prospective tenants if I could visit them in their home.

My agent was absolutely shocked and said this had never happened before but would ask the ‘tenant’. She got back to my saying they had refused as they think it’s intrusive.

This property is the best available in the area and we’ve already turned two people down as their credit wasn’t great.

We now need to let this asap but would the above information set alarm bells with any of you?

Many thanks


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Neil Woodhead

9:26 AM, 12th August 2014, About 10 years ago

I think the problem with this post it is being discussed at both end of the spectrum. My understanding is that it is a high end property in an affluent area and that applications were coming from local people. In this instance, if they are local, you should be able to identify were they currently live and work and assess very quickly whether initially they are suitable.

However the thread appears to be warning about tenants who t in the first instance would no be considered.

micky alderson

13:42 PM, 12th August 2014, About 10 years ago

I try to visit all perspective tenants at their current abode , the way they live will tell you more about them than any credit check or referance.

Check the way they run their 'fridge sloppy food handling sloppy lifestyle!!! , go to the loo check the state of the underside of the loo-seat , count the toothbrushes ,look for cleaning materials, see if they have pets or smoke, do they have ropes or bondage equipment about the place,

I do a drive by at night to check for comings and goings, also take a couple of bags from the wheelie bins this will tell you so more about anyones lifestyle, like if debt collection firms or former landlords ect,ect, are chasing them .One persective tenant had copious amounts of used condoms in her refuse, it turned out she was a sex-worker and her boyfriend was a drugs dealer of epic proportions with over a dozen warrants outstanding , just the sort of people you don't want near your investments.

Do you think I'm extreme? you bet I am BUT my way works !!!!

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