Property management not answering calls on noisy gym above my flat

Property management not answering calls on noisy gym above my flat

16:34 PM, 24th November 2015, About 8 years ago 5

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I own a flat with a gym above it, managed by a property management company to whom we pay our service charges. It seems in recent years the tenants in the block have changed and now the gym is in constant use – and my rental flat is directly underneath it.
My tenant who is also a family friend has been unable to sleep due to the sound of crashing weights above her head, and some rather heavy people jumping on and off treadmills that makes the ceiling of my flat shake, the noise starts from 6am even on weekends!physical

I am trying to get the property managers to put in springy flooring and any other soundproofing and close the gym until they can do this, as quite frankly it seems bad property design to have a gym above flats with no soundproofing, but they do not respond.

My tenant is completely frazzeled due to lack of sleep which is affecting her work. She has had environmental health over to the flat, with the police; but they also need the property managers to respond.

What can I do here? Shall I just refuse to pay my service charges for next year? Any ideas?


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Neil Patterson

16:36 PM, 24th November 2015, About 8 years ago

Hi Debbie,

Although I would love to be so close to a gym as a regular I know I would not want to live underneath one and what a pounding the floors take.

I would check with the council first for permitted business uses and buildings regs as it is possible to drop a 300kg weight on a dead lift !!!!

S.E. Landlord

16:48 PM, 24th November 2015, About 8 years ago

I would advise against not paying service charges as that would put you in breach of the lease.

You are entitled to quiet enjoyment of your flat and you need to check your lease as to if the management company or the freeholder has responsibility for rectifying the breach. Reference to the management company is if the lease refers to this, the company you appear to be referring to is the managing agent who will be acting on behalf of either the freeholder or the management company of the block.

Ian Ringrose

15:37 PM, 25th November 2015, About 8 years ago

How much ceiling height do you have?

Debbie Clarke

16:23 PM, 27th November 2015, About 8 years ago

Hi Ian,

Ceiling height approx 7.5ft.


Ian Ringrose

18:18 PM, 27th November 2015, About 8 years ago

An Independent Ceiling is the best solution for sound proofing, but will loose about 7 inches of head height also having Sound Proofing Overlay Boards (something like DECKfon 30) put on the gym floor would also help, do both any you may note hear someone walking about in the gym.

I think the only real option is for the gym to be put out of use, while people are tying to sleep, as sound proofing is not likely to be good enough.

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