Paying rent late will hit credit score

Paying rent late will hit credit score

10:42 AM, 11th November 2013, About 9 years ago 12

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Of interest, I think, to fellow landlords; Experian expects to include 600,000 rental records by year-end of tenants who pay late, starting with social housing and expanding to all private rentals. Lenders will have access to the information next year. Paying rent late will hit credit score

Tenants who get a black mark will could ruin their chances of securing a mortgage, credit card or being accepted by their next landlord. Missed payments will damage a credit score, regular payments will improve it ……


12:14 PM, 17th November 2013, About 9 years ago

Thanks Gary and no worries. 🙂

I will go and have a look.

Romain Garcin

9:23 AM, 18th November 2013, About 9 years ago

Not paying rent is just like not paying a bill or debt. It is not theft.
Not paying what is owed is not the same thing as taking what belongs to something else.

The Police/CPS only uphold the law which says that theft must include (as quoted above) "dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another".

Rent money only belongs to the landlord once it is paid. Before that it is owed to him but still belongs to the tenant.
'rent theft' would be e.g. to pay rent in cash, then to run after the landlord to mug him and get the money back.

If not paying a bill/debt was theft we'd need a couple more Australias to ship out all these criminals...

On the other hand, landlords have been convicted of theft for keeping their tenants' deposits.

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