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Romain Garcin

12:44 PM, 8th January 2018, About 4 years ago

Warrant executed on incorrect property by EDF!

I'm no expert on this, but if they had a warrant to enter property A but entered property B instead it may very well be trespass (although, if the property is tenanted it would probably be for the tenant to deal with that aspect).

They are trying to fob you off.

If they have admitted wrongdoing and are offering compensation then I think your receipt will likely be enough.... Read More

Romain Garcin

10:48 AM, 24th December 2017, About 4 years ago

Five Warnings for 2018 - #5 The Tenant Fee Ban

The claims about conflict of interests do not reflect reality, and the focus on letting agents is just spin to score political points. We have seen that from both main parties.

As it stands letting agents indeed work for landlords and already may not charge tenants anything unless instructed or authorised by landlords.

Letting agents do not advise both parties.

It is for landlords to keep on top of things and control their agents.

In any case, the proposed ban is NOT a letting agent fees ban. It's a ban on landlords as landlords will explicitly be banned from charging tenants even if they do not use agents at all.

The argument against letting agents' practices does not therefore hold up to scrutiny of the bill.

This is political, and only political.... Read More

Romain Garcin

15:20 PM, 27th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Rental payments could be added to credit scores

How will be they be able to take rent payment history into account?
Accurate data don't input themselves.

This is potentially very dangerous for landlords as this might mean either having to comply with onerous regulations out of reach of most landlords or being forced to use a regulated agent to collect rent payments.... Read More

Romain Garcin

20:45 PM, 13th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Illegal AST clause?

As has been mentioned, it probably started as a standard forfeiture clause but someone thought it would be a good idea to add mention of s.21.
Mention of s.21 is a bit nonsensical but the rest is indeed standard, including the part about re-entry. That's the point of a proviso for re-entry, as it's called.
It doesn't apply as long as the tenancy remains an AST, though.

I don't think there's an issue for the tenant.... Read More

Romain Garcin

16:46 PM, 5th October 2017, About 4 years ago

Landlords Ombudsman Coming Soon

I have no specific case to quote (I have not looked for any).
As said, this is standard, not least because there is no other option in general. I am surprised that the people you talked to did not know how to proceed.
The fact remains that a valid notice to quit ends the tenancy.
Two months is a long time. I am not sure that a s.21 will be faster. And there is also the issue that the landlord must treat the tenancy as having ended at all times.

I do not know if serving a s.21 notice would prejudice the claim that there is no longer any tenancy in existence. Anyway if the tenant sublets then any tenancy is not an AST anyway.... Read More