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Paying rent late will hit credit score Latest Articles

Of interest, I think, to fellow landlords; Experian expects to include 600,000 rental records by year-end of tenants who pay late, starting with social housing and expanding to all private rentals. Lenders will have access to the information next year. Paying rent late will hit credit score

Tenants who get a black mark will could ruin their chances of securing a mortgage, credit card or being accepted by their next landlord. Missed payments will damage a credit score, regular payments will improve it ……

Experian back-track on linking shared tenants Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Renters who flatshare won’t be affected by their housemates who fail to pay their rent and bills following complaints from tenants to Experian.

After announcing the plans for a rent payment profile for tenants, those on shared tenancy agreements were going to be linked, impacting each other’s credit score. Continue reading Experian back-track on linking shared tenants

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