Only idiots have jobs!

Only idiots have jobs!

12:00 PM, 8th January 2020, About 2 years ago 2

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I applied in November to refinance one of my several properties. A huge amount of information was needed of my portfolio and some of the data required didn’t fit the pre-loaded application form.

I therefore completed what could be captured online and then completed the rest by hand. All the information sought from me was received – and an offer in principle was achieved. Hay ho!

There was no time however to finalise everything before my Christmas holiday so I suspended the application til the New Year. I called the company yesterday to check if the mortgage deal was still available. It is, but I have to re-apply for the decision in principle.

The company said they’d resend me the information I sent them in November and then I could just check it and resubmit it.

I opened up the email to see that I’d also been sent their internal correspondence:

Dear ….

New app attached, client has decided to send everything individually, some written, some typed. Apologies for her stupidness!!

Buy-to-let consultant

Hmmmm…. I’m just a poor lowly landlord of a multi-million £ portfolio. Only idiots have jobs, eh?

Lord of the Manor


by Hamish McBloggs

16:13 PM, 9th January 2020, About 2 years ago

Email them and tell them that they have 1 day to agree in principle based on the info they have or their email gets published.


by Mervin SX

18:18 PM, 12th January 2020, About 2 years ago

It looks as thought the email is gone to the mortgage company from your mortgage advisor (intermediary). Are you able to or are you allowed to mention from/who - as a matter of principle, I only deal with companies that genuinely appreciate and respect what I do in the BTL sector!

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