National Landlords Alliance

by Mark Alexander

15:11 PM, 30th November 2018
About A week ago

National Landlords Alliance

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National Landlords Alliance

The National Landlords Alliance is a fledgling organisation and has just a few hundred members at the moment.

However, driven by controversial discussions on Social Media about the aims and the aggressive nature of its campaigning, the membership of the National Landlords Alliance is growing fast. This week its founder and Chief Executive Larry Sweeney reported on a BBC Radio interview that the Alliance recently received 50 new member applications in just one morning!

It is not attacking Shelter, rather exposing some home truths about the charity which some of their supporters seem to be finding uncomfortable. An example of that is that Shelter has a £60,000,000 + annual budget but doesn’t spend a penny of that on providing a roof over anybody’s head. Instead, they seek to invest a huge amount of their donations into attacking private housing providers and discouraging private investment into much needed additional affordable rental accommodation.

Some have suggested the National Landlords Alliance exposure of Shelter’s failings is some sort of reprisal from landlords in response to Shelter’s support for changes in the sector, and to an extent that is true. By way of example, Shelter’s support for legislation which disallows finance costs for private landlords, but no other UK business, is short sighted and is more likely to increase homelessness as it did in Ireland where a similar but less aggressive policy has now been reversed.

According to Shelter, street homelessness has doubled in the past 12 months and the National Landlords Alliance and its members agrees this is a horrendous statistic. However, they find it equally disturbing that Shelter do not provide any shelters whatsoever for people living on the streets, and that their anti-landlord policies will make the problems worse.

MARK MY WORDS, when private landlords start selling their rental properties in their droves to people who can afford to buy them, due to the impact of legislation supported by Shelter, the people who cannot afford to buy will have a desperate struggle to find somewhere to live. I fully expect the amount of people living on the streets to rocket by this time next year. Perhaps we should look back a year from now to reflect on my predictions?

Meanwhile, many members of the National Landlords Alliance have vowed to boycott Shelter’s retail supporters including B&Q, Direct Line Insurance and M&S.


Larry Sweeney

8:24 AM, 4th December 2018
About 6 days ago

I never said we tweeted them, nor would we conduct business through tweets.
I really do not know what you are talking about. You also stated that they do not want to talk to us. Thank you for that. I honestly never realised that you spoke for Shelter.

Luke P

8:53 AM, 4th December 2018
About 6 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Annie Landlord at 03/12/2018 - 22:40“The battle, surely, should be with the government to change the law around lawful possession?”
Why are you expecting anyone to care just by shouting from the sidelines?
Join or start your own.
As you take so much interest, you’d have been wise to join and help steer the path you believe best from within.
But then shouting from the sidelines is infinitely easier…

Luke P

8:56 AM, 4th December 2018
About 6 days ago

Incidentally, Shelter engaged with a number of Alliance members yesterday (on social media) attempting to justify top execs salaries (answer: the guidelines allow them to get away with it), so they *do* communicate online on occasion.

Annie Landlord

22:19 PM, 4th December 2018
About 5 days ago

Well yes, I do speak to Shelter locally. I would not join the alliance because its obsession with one charity is getting nastier by the day, and often the tweets I see are simply untrue. There is a parliamentary debate on S21 tomorrow, an IPPR report on the PRS came out today, it looks like the government is backtracking on the 6 weeks deposit and will reduce it to 5. So much is happening, and the alliance bad mouths a charity? What is the strategy, the direction, the intended outcomes?

Luke P

22:46 PM, 4th December 2018
About 5 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Annie Landlord at 04/12/2018 - 22:19
In some respects, what you’re calling for the Alliance to do/to be (more) like is exactly what the NLA/RLA already do…and look where we are using your example on deposits! The Government are simply not listening. Not to me, not to you, not to industry experts, not to the two largest landlord bodies. Obviously dialogue has zero impact. What specifically is it you would like the Alliance to do differently, that’s not already being done by those other groups that you think would help?

Annie Landlord

23:07 PM, 4th December 2018
About 5 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 04/12/2018 - 22:46
So you are saying there is no point to the alliance? My concern (how many times do I have to say?) is that the alliance seems to lack direction and its only purpose seems to be to bad mouth a charity. I honestly cannot see how that helps landlords, or tenants, at all. Indeed, its an approach that further damages our reputation. The NLA and RLA are responding coherently to all the debates and the alliance bad mouths them too! How many members does the alliance have did you say?

Luke P

0:42 AM, 5th December 2018
About 5 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Annie Landlord at 04/12/2018 - 23:07
I don’t know how you arrived at the first conclusion. Regardless, you didn’t answer the question (as I fully expected), rather answering it with a question. I now don’t even consider you merely an ‘ideas man’ without substance, thus you’re simply noise.

Larry Sweeney

8:21 AM, 5th December 2018
About 5 days ago

To Annie. We have direction and until such time as the So called Housing charity comes clean with the public, stops attacking the PRS and confirms that it does not encourage tenants to defy court orders, we will continue to expose them. As Regards the NLA/RLA look what has happened on their watch. Section 24, Stamp duty, licensing, The process in place to abolish Section 21 abd the hatefest ,as well as due process scrapped with the so called civil penalty regime.

Neil Patterson

8:51 AM, 5th December 2018
About 5 days ago

There is no point locking horns ever further, and going round in circles as I think all parties have made their points clear and we are here to be constructive even if we do not always agree.
Many thanks.

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