My top 20 tips for landlords

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Mark Alexander - private landlord since 1989 and founder of

Mark Alexander – private landlord since 1989 and founder of

I have created this article to share my top 20 tips for landlords with you. Each tip links to a separate article which will show you how to avoid classic mistakes, save money, minimise risks or maximise your returns. ENJOY 🙂

1)      You don’t need to pay to advertise your properties on the big rental portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla etc. To find out how I pay nothing click here

2)      If you are still new to this business be very careful who you trust, especially if they are offering to source properties for you. Please read this 

3)      Landlords Insurance can be a lot cheaper if you join a buying group

4)      These are some of the most frequently asked questions from new investors and our answers >>> click here

5)      A good accountant isn’t cheap but my experience is that they will save you far more than they charge. Here’s how to get an introduction to my tax advisers >>> click here

6)      Here’s a great way to find out about properties which are coming to auction in your area >>> click here

7)      I still think this is the best buy to let mortgage sourcing tool on the planet >>> click here

8)      Buying, selling or remortgaging can be incredibly stressful if you don’t have the right solicitor working for you. Here’s the details of the person I use >>> click here

9)      It is very important to review your property portfolio from time to time. You can download the spreadsheet I use here for free >>> click here

10)   Full Property Management does not cost as much as you might think. This is the most competitive I’ve found which also ticks all the boxes I can think of in terms of “due diligence” >>> click here

11)   If you haven’t already made a Will or updated your Will in the last five years you know you should. Here’s a fantastic contact who really understand how landlords think >>> click here

12)   Here’s what to do if you would like some free advice from Property118 readers >>> click here

13)   Join a Landlords Association – here’s all of their contact details >>> click here

14)   These articles are great if you are thinking about buying properties to refurbish and then sell on or retain as rentals >>> click here

15)   This could well be the best investment you ever make and it only costs £50 >>> click here

16)   Thousands of landlords have said that this series of 10 articles about how I got into the business of being a landlord has been inspirational and educational >>> click here

17)   This is absolutely amazing for anybody who has children at University >>> click here

18)   These online calculators have proven to be incredibly popular >>> click here

19)   Here’s a story that will really get you thinking >>> click here

20)   This is an incredibly useful and popular series of articles about Landlords Law >>> click here

Happy reading, this little lot should certainly keep you busy for a while.

Please feel free to share a link to this with anybody else you know who might find this useful and interesting 🙂

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