My goals for Property118 in 2021

by Mark Alexander

21:00 PM, 20th September 2020
About a month ago

My goals for Property118 in 2021

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My goals for Property118 in 2021

Before the end of 2021 I want every person who buys a UK property for rental investment to able to make an informed choice about the optimal ownership structure to meet their short, medium and long term objectives.

To achieve that I need every estate agent and mortgage broker to have ‘front of mind thinking’ about optimal ownership structures, and for them to refer their clients to Property118 for professional guidance.

To achieve that, I need to recruit an army of new business developers to educate mortgage brokers and estate agents.

We will also need to recruit several more tax consultants to service these clients requirements.

I am under no illusion this will require ongoing annual investment in the £ millions, but that’s all built into the marketing budgets, which will be allocated against results.

If you would like to be part of this journey, please complete the application form below.

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