Mortgage Trust launches new Buy to let product range

by Neil Patterson

12:02 PM, 12th July 2011
About 9 years ago

Mortgage Trust launches new Buy to let product range

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Mortgage Trust launches new Buy to let product range

House with a keyIn a press release today Mortgage Trust launched its new Buy to let product range with a quote from John Heron, Mortgage Trust Managing Director, saying: “Mortgage Trust returned to lending in April and we have secured a strong position back in the buy-to-let market in this short space of time.

The launch of eighteen new products will appeal to an even broader spectrum of landlords and intermediaries, providing support to the growing needs of the private rented sector.”

“We are offering intermediaries a range of product choices, LTVs and fees so that they can find the most suitable combination for their landlord client. Intermediaries should consider the overall package of the product when searching via sourcing systems, rather than just the headline interest rate. Often, a product with a low or flat fee and a slightly higher initial rate can work out cheaper over a two-year period than products that head the best buy tables.”

The new products are exclusively available via intermediaries for purchase and remortgage, and include some of the lowest rates in the buy-to-let market, with tracker rates starting from 3.69% and fixed rates starting from 4.29%. The products include a range of LTVs (75%, 70% and 65%) and fees (2.5%, 1.0% and a flat fee of £1,495) to ensure that intermediaries can find the best product combination for their landlord clients.

Mortgage Trust is a sister brand to Paragon Mortgages and part of The Paragon Group of Companies. Paragon Mortgages continues to focus on professional landlords, catering for complex buy-to-let requirements, such as Houses in Multiple Occupation, limited companies and multi-unit blocks.

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23:27 PM, 17th July 2011
About 9 years ago

Do you know of any btl mortgages to first time landlords that do not own their own property? can do as low as 65% ltv

10:40 AM, 18th July 2011
About 9 years ago

At the moment you can't be a landlord without having a residential property on your name.
Unless you are living and working abroad and want to buy BTL as an investement (40% deposit).

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