Mortgage Express repayment strategy letter – How many times should I ignore?

Mortgage Express repayment strategy letter – How many times should I ignore?

10:16 AM, 6th January 2016, About 7 years ago 2

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I have received last month a letter from Mortgage Express re my Repayment Strategy for on or before 2032!! I ignored the letter, and now received another letter reminding me to send in the form back all questions answered!ignore

They called me last month but I told them I was busy and blocked their number.

Has anyone received the same letter?

What should I do? I have a few mortgages with them but they seem to be only asking for one of the properties. Should I continue to ignore?




Alan Wong

23:55 PM, 6th January 2016, About 7 years ago

I'm located in Scotland and was approached by one of their 'area or regional manager' who requested several times to be meet with him to update his records of my 'portfolio'.

I stressed to him i don't have a 'portfolio' with M.Ex and it is individual mortgage/contracts.

They then wrote me the same letter you appear to described and i never returned any of them. This was over a year ago. Not heard from them since.

Jon Pipllman

12:00 PM, 7th January 2016, About 7 years ago


Are you in other contact with MX at all?

Are your loans in good standing?

Someone within MX is tasked with doing what they can to get your loans off the book.

How hard they try depends on lots of things, mostly how busy they are kept by their other 'customers'

I expect you can easily ignore them for a while longer if you wish but, as the MX primary objective is to rid itself of all its loans, one way or another, you should expect further contact in future. That might be from MX, or from someone that buys your loan from MX.

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