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Alan Wong

11:14 AM, 24th December 2018
About 2 months ago

Landlords come together about Universal Credit

That new site for landlords confirms there is a 'landlord portal' for landlords to communicate with the Dwp UC office but only for housing association. This leaves private landlords behind and abandoned.

The other issues with the UC office are:

1. They generally disrespect and do not follow the Dwp APA/MPTL national guidance to pay the landlord direct 'from the 1st payment of the UC housing element' onwards. This has happened in all of the cases my tenants have UC through new application or transiting to UC from Hb except a couple of cases when I had to chase and chase before they would set it up and those 2 cases, payments not made yet so still pending.
2. When the APA/MPTL is set up, they do not provide proper communication in writing when the APA/MPTL starts, how much is paid etc.
3. During monthly payments of the UC housing element half of the time, no proper written remittances are provided although on the other half of the times, they do send it out by paper which contradicts UC ethos of being paperless. I asked them can they email us the monthly payment remittances for record but they declined.
4. The Dwp UC office generally do not communicate with the private landlords keeping us all in the dark in most stages of the UC and throughout. When they do reply in the very rare occasion by email, it has no name, address, phone number to respond too and the reply is normally a few abrupt few words that normally do not make sense. There is a secretive, non transparent undertone to their behaviour and treatment which is plain wrong and unacceptable.... Read More

Alan Wong

22:20 PM, 12th November 2018
About 3 months ago

UC- DWP maladministration of direct payments to landlords

Reply to the comment left by CARIDON LANDLORD SOLUTIONS at 31/10/2018 - 12:26
Hi Caridon,

Can you confirm are you an independent company advising for landlords or representing the Dwp UC office?

Just to confirm, for my existing tenants on Lha and with their Lha safeguarded eg paid direct to me already, the Lha office has not wrote to me to inform me of the transition until about 1 month 'after' it happened and in some cases not contacted me at all. This is all questionable as it all appears to be a joint effort between the Hb office and the Dwp UC staffs to evade proper procedures and the end agenda is to pay the tenant the first payment regardless of guidance clearly asking them not to do so. Just pure badness in those group of people.

With regards to the Dwp UC office, I can categorically confirm they totally ignore any teirs to pay the landlord direct and my APA request. They have not responded even once to all my APA requests via the UC47 forms by emails. I have to call them weeks later in every occasion and application as they do not respond, to find out in all occasion they went on to pay the tenant direct despite multiple tiers for them not to. They then would argue and argue they must pay the 1st payment to the tenant and have not done wrong.

And with regards to them put a hold of the housing element, they have not done so during any of the APA applications.

The biggest problem we face is not the roll out of UC, it is not the policies. It is the Dwp UC staffs manipulating the policies to the way they want. And that normally means creating chaos and is clear badness.... Read More

Alan Wong

10:42 AM, 31st October 2018
About 4 months ago

UC- DWP maladministration of direct payments to landlords

I wrote to the Dwp UC office stage 1 and 2 of their compliant procedures regarding the issues addressed in the letter above to complain on their maladministration and/or mishandling of the UC housing element 1st payment paid to the tenants.

They keep coming back to try to bluff the complaint off saying they can't accept it, as a complaint the complaint is on the policy and legislation not their service. And keep directing me to complain to the MP. Which I have but that is another point.

But infact the complaint I made is on their service and administration failures not on the policy and legislation.

The UC policy and legislation allows direct payment of the UC housing element direct to the landlord from the 1st payment onwards if circumstances are right eg vulnerable tenants on gambling, alcohol, drug addictions and homelessness etc

The Dwp UC office would like to muddle/confuse things up so they are not held accountable for their wrong doings.

They told me that they 'must' pay the 1st paying of the UC housing element to the tenant direct then the tenant can opt to pay the landlord from the 2nd payment onwards. That is not true. Although the tenant can opt to pay the landlord from the 2nd payment onward through their online journal, it is not true that the Dwp can't pay the landlord from the 1st payment onward.

It is more they twist the policy and legislation and would like to pay the tenant the 1st payment of the rent money due to their badness and twisted mindset to create some chaos for everyone which they have in the examples mentioned in my letter above to the MP. They are doing this as if it is standard practice now totally ignoring the UC Guidance which allows them to set up the APA (alternative payment arrangements) from the 1st payment to the landlord.

UC itself is already a big challenge but the abusive administration and mishandling of the UC payments from the Dwp is another big problem for everyone.... Read More

Alan Wong

10:36 AM, 21st May 2018
About 9 months ago

10,000 signatures - Government to respond

That is good, we should never give up this fight for justice.... Read More

Alan Wong

22:57 PM, 16th May 2018
About 9 months ago

UC email to Landlords is causing THOUSANDS to be HOMELESS!

When I email them, I get the same response. But they never email back from my emails.

I have about 3 tenants on UC and payments are being paid direct to me. On the remittance they send out to confirm payment details, there is no address for them, no contact number or email address. Basically it only says UC team, end off.

What kind of civilisation is this, to deliberately correspond with a dead end piece of communication allowing no further contact whatsoever or almost no way to communicate with them effectively.

And if you call them, put me on music for 50 minutes, then tells me to call other numbers that are dead. Call the same number back, told that is the number for tenants only and they only know the landlord number with the line dead.

Shameful behaviour of the Dwp (government).... Read More